Instructions for use

The Instructions for use page contains instructions for using, assembling and caring for our products. User instructions can also be found on the product-specific pages on the instructions for use tab. Answers to frequently asked questions about our products can be found here.

Outdoor cooking

Muurikka Pans

Instructions for taking care of Muurikka Pans

Steel Paella Pans and Wok Pans

MEATER meat thermometers

Meater wireless meat thermometer

Meater+ wireless meat thermometer

Meater Block


TO6846 TO6845 Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven 1100W and 1200W

TO6846/LM TO6845/LM Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven 1100W and 1200W

54420010 54420020 Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven PRO 1100W ja 1200W

Muurikka Smoker

Muurikka Outdoor Smoker user manual

Muurikka Smoking Container 32 cm user manual

Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven heating element 1100W/1200W

54490080 54490190 Heat-adjustable heating element set PRO 1100 W/1200 W

Summer Kitchens

Summer Kitchen Cart assembly instructions (Basic and Maxi)

Summer Kitchen Cart assembly instructions 

Summer Kitchen Cart Maxi

Summer Kitchen Cart care instructions

Gas grills and burners

Gas Burner instructions for use (D-300, D-400, D-500)

Muurikka Gas Burners 2020 D-350 D-400 D-500

Muurikka Gas Burner  D-600

Tundra Grills

This is how you choose the proper chimney length for the Tundra Grill

Insulated chimneys’ user manual

Tundra Grill owner’s manual 80 100 HD

Tundra Grill owner’s manual APETIVO

Tundra Grill owner’s manual BBQ

Tundra Grill owner’s manual NOTSKI

Tundra Grill owner’s manual CITY

Tundra Grill owner’s manual GARDEN

Tundra Grill owner’s manual HORNA

Tundra Grill owner’s manual Horna Winter Edition

Electric Grills

Electric Grill 2200W table model

Muurikka Classic Electric Grill 2200W use and assembly instructions

54430010 54430020 Muurikka Nokkela 900W/1200W Electric Grill/Smoking Oven

Installation instructions for long electric grill legs

Pizza/Outdoor Ovens

Muurikka Pizza/Outdoor Oven user and assembly instructions

TO6700 TO6700/R Muurikka Nokkela Electric Grill & Smoking Oven


Muurikka Feeling campfire Hohde

Muurikka Feeling campfire Hehku

Muurikka Feeling campfire Kajastus

Outdoor and picnic

Carbon steel campfire pan with a folding handle taking into use and care instructions


TO6807 Muurikka Wireless Meat Thermometer

43001142 43001250 Broiling Board


Kitchen utensils and accessories

Heavy Metal black carbon steel pan user and care instructions

Arki Light cast iron steel pan user and care instructions

Simmering pot user instructions

Steamer user instructions

Mehu-Liisa user instructions