The sauna experience at home and summer cottage is naturally crowned by high-quality accessories! We offer a wide range of sauna pails and scoops for different tastes. For more modern tastes, we have pails with marine aluminium or steel bodies and matching scoops in stylish colours. Wooden pails and scoops cater for the more traditional taste.

  • OPA Lumo Washing-up Bowl

  • Lumo Sauna bucket with braided handle 8 l, stainless steel

  • Sale!

    OPA Lumo Earth Sauna Pail grey

  • Lumo Water Ladle 1.5 l, stainless steel

  • OPA Lumo Sauna Ladle Beech 44 cm

  • OPA Lumo Sauna Ladle Double pour 58 cm

  • OPA Lumo Sauna Pail Matte Stripe

  • sauna set washing-up bowl ladle

    Lumo Sauna Set Washing-Up Bowl and Water Scoop

  • OPA Lumo Sauna Pail Black

  • OPA Lumo Sauna Pail light wood/plastic

  • OPA Lumo Sauna Ladle Light, wood

  • OPA Lumo Sauna Pail dark wood/plastic

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