Muurikka Grilster, round 40 cm

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Decently sized, completely new kind of a tool for grilling. Steaks, chickens, fish, sausages or hot sandwiches will no longer drop inside the grill and can be turned on one go.

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Muurikka Grilster

A gridiron. You can now forget about turning with difficulty using grill tongs and getting your fingers burned. Grease the Grilster with cooking oil and fill with vegetables, sausages, steaks, fish or sandwiches, for example. Close the adjustable gridiron suitably tight so that the food keeps in place when turning.

The large diameter of 40 cm guarantees that you will not run out of space right away. You can divide the food for a larger group between two Grilsters: steaks in one, fish in the other. The final result is even, as you can turn everything you are grilling at once, quickly and safely. In a charcoal grill, you can adjust cooking on uneven embers by rotating the Grilster according to the embers.

You can use the Grilster with a Muurikka electric brill or even an open fire. Opened and halves separated. The Grilster can also be used as a normal gridiron.

With the Grilster, you can cook

  • steaks and chicken breasts
  • salmon butterfly fillets and fillets
  • whole fish
  • sliced vegetables – eggplant, zucchini, bell pepper and corn
  • whole chicken opened
  • sausages
  • lamb fillets and roasts
  • filled sandwiches


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Diameter: 40 cm

Freight weight: 1.411 kg

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