Muurikka Carbon Steel Paella Pan 45 cm

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With the high-sided paella pan, you can cook all foods that require lots of frying area and higher sides for mixing, such as paella, risotto and bubble and squeak.


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Muurikka Carbon Steel Paella

  • The Paella Pan can be used as an accessory with all Muurikka Summer Kitchens
  • Suitable for gas, electric hobs and open fire
  • Made of carbon steel
  • The high-sided pan can, in addition to paella, be used for cooking bubble and squeak, vegetables and wok dishes
  • The pan should and seasoned with e.g. Muurikka Silava Frying Fat before use

The paella pan is suitable for gas, electric hobs and open fire. The material is carbon steel. Because the pan is not rustproof and does not have a non-stick surface treatment, it is important to carefully follow the instructions on taking into use and maintenance. A proper treatment improves the frying properties of the pan and protects it against corrosion. Used and maintained properly, the pan has a long life. The brownish-speckled layer of fat formed on the surface in use protects the vessel from rust, and it is normal for the surface of the pan to become speckled after it is taken into use.


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Diameter: 45 cm

Freight weight: 1.75 kg

Muurikka Steel Pans Getting started and Care Manual (PDF)

Getting started:
Remove the temporary rust prevention treatment by boiling some water on the pan and then clean the vessel with water and mild washing-up liquid. Do not leave the pan to dry outdoors; dry it right away so that it will not rust. After this, heat the pan immediately and season it according to the instructions below. Seasoning protects the pan against rust and improves its frying properties.

The seasoning must be renewed whenever it is damaged or has been washed off. The brownish-speckled layer of fat formed on the surface protects the vessel from rust and improves its frying properties, and it is normal for the surface of the pan to become speckled after it is taken into use. Use cooking oil or salt-free lard, such as Muurikka Silava Frying Fat, for the seasoning.

1. Heat the pan at medium temperature
2. Apply an even thin layer of fat to the pan, let it work. The pan smokes lightly while the fat is absorbing.
3. Repeat step 2 as may times as necessary until the surface of the pan has gained patina. Between applications, always wait for the fat to absorb. The pan will gain more patina in use.
4. The pan is ready to use when a light layer of fat has formed on the surface.

Going forward, you should not use washing-up liquids for cleaning the pan because they remove the fat layer. Wash with hot water or by boiling water in the pan, preferably immediately after use; this way stains come off the best. Do not wash in a dishwasher. Do not leave the pan soaking in water; it is not made of stainless steel. Dry the pan after use. If food residues are stuck to the pan, you can soak them and/or scrub with a grill brush/spatula. Store the pan wrapped in paper inside a plastic bag in a dry, sheltered place. If the pan has become rusty, scrub and wash the rust off and repeat the seasoning process.

After use:
1. Clean any food residues stuck to the pan surface with a grill brush/spatula.
2. Add water to the pan and bring it to the boil. Bringing the water to boil removes the stuck stains from the pan surface.
3. Pour the water off the pan and add a thin layer of fat onto the hot pan, let the fat absorb.
4. If the surface remains too greasy, you can wipe off the extra fat with kitchen paper before storage.

The warranty is valid for one year. The warranty covers defects in workmanship and materials. The warranty does not cover damage caused by the end user, rust or faults caused by neglecting care and maintenance.

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