High-quality grilling accessories add the finishing touch to the outdoor cooking experience! Cooking requires all kinds of accessories – not just for the actual cooking, but also for protection. We offer high-quality Muurikka accessories for your outdoor kitchen. With Muurikka Pans, you will need good and sturdy grill tongs and spatulas for turning the food. For the first seasoning and regular care of Muurikka Pans, you will need Muurikka Silava Frying Fat and the handy Muurikka Frying Spray for cooking. We also provide protective covers for Summer Kitchens and Electric Smoking Ovens to keep your products clean and safe from moisture.

  • Drip tray (foil) for electric grill, 5 pcs.

  • Muurikka Silava Frying Fat with canola oil 110 g

  • Muurikka Frying Spray 250 ml

  • Arki Spatula stainless steel

  • Muurikka Pizza Stone

  • Muurikka Protective Hood for Summer Kitchen

  • Muurikka Pizza Spatula

  • Sale!

    MEATER+ Wireless Thermometer

  • Muurikka Grill smoking basket

    Muurikka Grill / Smoking Basket 20×30 cm

  • Muurikka Kindling Wood Rolls

  • Muurikka Summer Kitchen Cart Maxi, grey

  • Muurikka MultiCleaner

  • Muurikka Skewers, 40cm, 4 pcs

  • Muurikka Mushroom Knife

  • Protective Cover for Electric Smoking Oven 1200W

  • Muurikka Grill Grid with legs and handle

  • Muurikka Spatula 48 cm

  • Nokkela ring for Smokeless Charcoal grill

  • Muurikka Coverbag 48 cm

  • Muurikka lid 44 cm, steel

  • Arki Grill Tong

  • Boiling and Frying Mat for Gas Burners

  • Muurikka Grill pocket, non-stick

  • Muurikka Grill Tongs 38 cm

  • Muurikka Leisku protective bag

  • Muurikka Spatula 42 cm

  • Protective Cover for Electric Smoking Oven 1100W

  • Muurikka telescopic Sausage Grilling Fork

  • Muurikka Grill Plate 70, steel

  • Muurikka PRO Leather Apron

  • Muurikka lid 58 cm, steel

  • Carrying bag for camping set

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