Muurikka Electric Grill 2200 W with side tables

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The joy of grilling wherever you are, in the garden, on the terrace and balcony! Powerful electric grill with stepless power adjustment. Ready to grill in 3 minutes and easy to keep clean with the removable drip tray. The strengths of this grill are its power and separately available diverse accessories, such as various pans and smoking container!




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Muurikka Classic Electric Grill 2200 W

The easy-to-move Muurikka Classic Electric Grill prepares delicious grilled vegetables as well as beautifully browned steaks. The very powerful electric grill is suited for the most demanding grill users – it heats up quick and thanks to the stepless power adjustment, it is ideal for many kinds of grilling. The compact, sturdy grill is suitable for even small spaces, such as a balcony; the side tables are easily detachable. The mid shelf can be used for storing spices, for example. The strength of this grill is definitely the wide range of accessories available for it!

  • Ready to grill in 3 minutes
  • Grill grid made of stainless steel
  • Powerful electric grill made of stainless steel
  • Legs steel painted black
  • Detachable wooden side tables
  • Mid shelf is steel painted black
  • Stepless power adjustment
  • Indicator light
  • Lid with wooden handles
  • Removable drip trays available for the bottom of the grill, makes it easier to clean the grill (1 is supplied)
  • A comprehensive range of accessories is available

Thanks to the diverse accessories (Muurikka Pan 48 cm, Paella Pan, Grill Pan, Multifunctional Pan, Cast iron pan with sections, Grilster and Smoking Container), you can cook both delicious grilled food and pancakes and steaks, smoke fish and prepare tasty paella even for big groups. Cleaning is made easier by a protective tray made of sturdy aluminium foil to be placed on the fat plate. The electric grill comes with 1 drip tray.


Grill on a gridiron or fry it on a separately available Muurikka Pan. The optional electric grill drip foil is placed on the drip tray under the heating element. The drip foil is easy to remove by lifting the heating element once the grill has cooled down. Replace the drip foil when necessary. The same drip foil can also be used on the grilling gridiron as a casserole when grilling. When grilling without a lid, adjust the regulator to maximum setting. However, always use a lid when you want to cook fast and evenly. Please note that with a lid, the temperature can rapidly increase to up to 500 degrees at maximum power if the regulator is continuously on or set to the maximum position. Set a suitable power and temperature using the regulator. Lift the hot lid with caution to avoid burns from the hot air, steam or burning fat under the lid.

Cleaning the grill

Clean the gridiron and fat dropped onto the fat plate as necessary immediately after use when the grill has cooled down. Once the grill has cooled down, lift the heating element opposite to the electric box by the triangle-shaped support wire enough to pull the fat plate or drip tray out of the grill. The heating element box is fixed with a flexible plate that makes it possible to lift the heating element end opposite to the electric box without damaging the heating element.

You can use e.g. Muurikka Multi-Cleaner, a grill brush and other detergents for cleaning the fat plate and gridirons; you can also wash these parts in a dishwasher. Cleaning is made considerably easier by the optional disposable electric grill drip foil that is placed on the drip tray to collect fat and dropped food. If necessary, also clean the lid and body and slip the drip tray back under the heating element. In long-term use, due to the high temperature, the stainless steel surfaces of the grill can become yellow or blue. This is a property of the steel and does not harm the grill.

Compatible accessories


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Dimensions: 83 x 100 x 51 cm
Grilling area 40 cm, grill diameter from edge to edge 42 cm
Output: 2200 W
Electric connection: grounded socket 230 V 50 Hz
Temperature adjustment: stepless power adjustment
Connection cable: 2 m
Material: stainless steel
Warranty: 2 years

Freight weight: 13.204 kg

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