Under the wide-ranging Muurikka brand that has been developed for extensive leisure outdoor use, you will find high-quality products for versatile cooking in the backyard, at the cottage and on a trip. The range includes smokers, genuine original Muurikka Electric Smoking Ovens, electric grills, gas grills, Summer Kitchens, Tundra Grills, Muurikka Pans, grilling supplies and everything you need for camping and a picnic. The range also includes original spare parts for Muurikka products, such as heating elements for electric smoking grills and electric grills, chip trays, gridirons and drip trays.

  • Electric smoking oven 1200 w heating element

  • Drip tray (foil) for electric grill, 5 pcs.

  • Muurikka Silava Frying Fat with canola oil 110 g

  • Heating Element for Muurikka Electric Grill 2200W

  • Electric Grill heating element

  • Muurikka Smoking Chips of Alder 2 L

  • Muurikka Drip Protector Tray for Smokers

  • Heating element for Electric Smoking Oven PRO 1100 W

  • Muurikka Frying Spray 250 ml

  • Smoker/grill thermometer

  • Muurikka Pizza Stone

  • Muurikka Protective Hood for Summer Kitchen

  • Muurikka Pizza Spatula

  • Muurikka Campfire Pan, Black Carbon Steel

  • Broiling board with stand

  • Muurikka Grill smoking basket

    Muurikka Grill / Smoking Basket 20×30 cm

  • Muurikka Kindling Wood Rolls

  • Tundra Grill Fireplace Bowl replacement base 80cm

  • Tundra Grill Ashbox 80/100/HD

  • Muurikka 48 cm Griddle Pan in coverbag

  • Tundra Grill Wind Deflector

  • Muurikka Grill Pan 42 cm

  • Tundra grill Sausage grill grating 38 cm, stainless steel

  • Tundra Grill turning plate 380mm

  • Nokkela 1200w heating element

    Nokkela 900 W heating element and damper

  • Muurikka Electric Grill 2200 W with side tables

  • Griddle for Muurikka Electric Grill

  • Tundra Grill Wooden Handles basic model 3 pcs

  • Muurikka Summer Kitchen Cart Maxi, grey

  • Muurikka MultiCleaner

  • Muurikka Paella Pan 45 cm, cast iron

  • Muurikka 38 cm Griddle Pan in coverbag

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