Our range includes the high-quality OPA steel pots, saucepans and coated pots and saucepans. The versatile steaming, simmering and layered pots are available in several sizes. The simmering and steaming components are also available separately for our pots. The kitchen is crowned by beautiful steel coffee pots, suited for serving and making coffee, tea and mulled wine on weekdays and festive occasions. Casseroles and oven pans are available in various sizes and materials; cast iron pots, coated casserole and steel oven pans. Our extensiverange of frying pans includes coated, cast ironand carbon steel premium pans as well as specialty frying pans for pancakes and blinis, for example. We also provide the kitchen utensils that you need, such as spatulas, ladles, tongs, thermometers, juicer and a lot more!

  • Kenno Frying Pan 28 cm

  • 126 Plastic cover with retaining ring

  • Muurikka Pizza Stone

  • Muurikka Frying Spray 250 ml

  • Muurikka Pizza Spatula

  • Kivi Glass lid 28 cm

  • Simmerpot 4.7 L for Mari Casserole 5.0 L

  • Mari Casserole set 5,0 L steamer/simmerpot

  • Arki Light Cast Iron Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Mari Casserole set 3,0 L steamer/simmerpot

  • Sale!

    Mari Coffee Kettle 1.5 L Factory Second

  • Simmerpot for Mari Casserole 3.0 L

  • Arki Fondue set

  • Sale!

    Arki Spatula stainless steel

  • Heavy Metal Carbon Steel Wok Pan 28 cm

  • Sale!

    Arki Kitchen Tweecer

  • Arki Eco Cutting Board 27,5×37 cm

  • Heavy Metal Black Carbon Steel Pan 28 cm

  • Kenno Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Sale!

    Arki Spatula

  • Arki Cast Iron Blini Pan 14,5 cm

  • Sale!

    Mari Easy Low Pressure Cooker 6,0 L

  • Heavy Metal Black Carbon Steel Pan 26 cm

  • Mari Cooker 5,0 L

  • Valu Pancake Pan

  • Muurikka Chopping Board

  • Mari Steamerpot 1.5 L

  • Arki Cast Iron Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Kenno Steel frying pan 28 cm

  • Arki Cast Iron Oven Pot 2,5 L, red

  • Sale!

    Arki Whisk **

  • Mari Casserole 3,0 L

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