Asparagus Casserole 4,0 L

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High and narrow asparagus casserole with a cooking basket.


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Asparagus Casserole 4.0 L

The Asparagus Casserole makes it easy to cook asparagus, vegetables or even corn using the cooking basket. In the Asparagus Casserole, you can cook asparagus upright, allowing you to leave the  tips above  water to steam. This preserves the delicious taste and crispiness of the tips. Also handy for cooking pasta! Without the basket, it can be used as a regular casserole. Handy lifting handle in the cooking basket. Can be used on all hob types. Machine washable.

How to cook asparagus:

Rinse the asparagus carefully. Cut a few centimetres of the dry woody section from the bottom end. Peel the stalk from below the tip way to the bottom, be careful not to break the tip. You can use a potato peeler or a dedicated asparagus peeler. Only peel green asparagus if the bottom of the stem feels woody.

Place the asparagus in boiling salted water with the tips up (1 tsp salt/1 l of water) so that they are covered otherwise but the tips remain above water. The tips will be cooked by the steam. Use the cooking basket on the bottom of the Asparagus Casserole: this makes it easier to lift the cooked asparagus from the casserole.

It takes approximately 5–15 minutes for fresh asparagus to be cooked, depending on the thickness of the stalks and asparagus variety. The asparagus should be snappy after cooking, so avoid overcooking it. You can check whether it is done with a stick or fork at the bottom. Green asparagus cooks a little faster than white asparagus. Lift the asparagus from the casserole and drain well.

TIP! Cooked asparagus and smoked salmon are the go-to spring delicacy together! Smoke the salmon to go with the asparagus at the flick of a switch with the Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven.


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Volume: 4 L Top diameter: 16 cm Base diameter: 15 cm Height: 22 cm Basket height 18.5 cm, diameter 14.7 cm

Freight weight: 1.16 kg

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