Steamerpot for Mari Casserole 3,0 L

Product number: 52010720
Legacy product code: TO157.20


Stainless steel steamerpot with lugs for the Mari 3 L Casserole. Can also be used as a sieve, for example.


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Steamerpot for Mari Casserole 3.0 L

  • Designed and made in Finland, Key Flag product
  • Steamerpot made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Steamerpot with lugs fits the Mari 3.0 L steel casserole
  • Volume 2.3 litres
  • The steamerpot can also be used as a sieve, for example

The steamer part cooks vegetables quickly and gently, keeping the vitamins. The steamerpot can well be used as a sieve as well, for example. The steamerpot fits the Mari 3.0 L steel casserole (TO145.30) the best.

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Volume: 2.3 L

Freight weight: 0.331 kg

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