Muurikka Paella Pan 40 cm, steel

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With the high-sided paella pan, you can cook all foods that require lots of frying area and higher sides for mixing, such as paella, risotto and bubble and squeak.


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  • Steel pan for use on a gas burner or open fire
  • Suitable for Muurikka Gas Burners D-350 and D-400 as well as Muurikka Summer Kitchens (not Summer Kitchen ELECTRIC)
  • The frying properties get better in use
  • The pan can, in addition to paella, be used for cooking risotto, bubble and squeak, vegetables and meat
  • Top diameter 40 cm, base diameter 35 cm
  • Comes with use and care instructions

High-quality paella pan for gas and open fire. The stylish pan is also excellent for serving food. The pan must be stored in a dry place. The pan material is cold-rolled steel. The pan is not rustproof, so it should be kept in a dry place. Clean the pan immediately after use. The inner surface features a temporary rust prevention treatment that must be removed before first use. The handles and stems are epoxy paint, the handles should not be placed on flames or cleaned with abrasive agents.

The material is cold-rolled steel. Because the pan is not rustproof and does not have a non-stick surface treatment, it is important to carefully follow the instructions on taking into use and maintenance. A proper treatment improves the frying properties of the pan and protects it against rust. The pan must be seasoned before it is taken into use. We recommend that you buy Muurikka Silava Frying Fat with the pan.

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Diameter: top: 40 cm base: 35 cm

Freight weight: 1.281 kg

Muurikka Steel Pans Getting started and Care Manual (PDF)


Boil water in the pan. After this, wash the pan with water and washing-up liquid. Dry it immediately after use, do not leave to dry outdoors. Grease the inside lightly with cooking oil (or Muurikka Silava Frying Fat); the fat prevents rust and improves the frying properties of the pan. The product is ready for use after this. Grease the pan after each use lightly with oil both inside and outside.


This type of a product is designed for use with a gas burner and/or wood fire.
Do not place empty pans on an open fire. Avoid overheating the pan. Continuously monitor the intensity of the fire. You can use utensils made of stainless steel and wood. Plastic utensils are not recommended; when using pans of this type, temperature rise above the normal. During use, all parts of the pan are hot. Be careful and protect yourself against heat. The pan should not be left on a fire without the supervision of an adult or responsible person. Keep the hot pan out of the reach of children.


This type of a product does not have any anti-stick surface treatment. Because of this, food residues can get stuck to the surfaces. They are easier to remove if you leave water and washing-up liquid in the pan for about an hour. This will soften up the food residues. After this, wash the pan with water and washing-up liquid. If necessary, you can also wash the pan with a coarse sponge or cleaning powder. When the pan is dry, immediately dry it and grease it lightly with oil both inside and outside. Store the pan wrapped in paper inside a plastic bag in a dry, sheltered place. If the pan is not dried immediately after use, the inside surface can become rusty. Remove rust and/or burnt brownish-speckled fat layer with a sponge, steel wool or grill brush, wash with hot water and dry and grease the surface. The brownish-speckled layer of fat formed on the surface in use protects the vessel from rust, and it is normal for the surface of the pan to become speckled after it is taken into use. The seasoning must be renewed whenever it is damaged or has been washed off.

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