Muurikka Firepits are made of thick Finnish steel and manufactured in Finland. These robust, multigenerational Firepits have been made to endure the extreme weather conditions of the North and high temperatures. Gather around the round firepit with your family and friends and enjoy the charming atmosphere and open fire cooking together.

  • Muurikka Grill Plate 70, steel

  • Muurikka grill grating with a stand

  • Sale!

    Firepit 70 Corten and broiling board

  • Muurikka Firepit 70 corten

  • Muurikka Firepit 70

  • Sale!

    Firepit 70 and broiling board

  • Muurikka Grill Plate 60, steel

  • Sale!

    Firepit 60 and broiling board

  • Muurikka Firepit 60 corten

  • Muurikka Firepit 60

  • Sale!

    Firepit 60 Corten and broiling board

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