The versatile layered pot combines a simmering pot, also known as a porridge pot, and a steaming pot. The simmering and steaming pot is also available separately in various sizes. In the simmering part, you can easily make porridge and sauces without burning them. The steamer part cooks vegetables quickly and gently, keeping the vitamins. Simmering pots are available both with a steel simmering part and non-stick coating. You can also buy simmering and steaming sections for our pots separately.

  • Simmerpot 4.7 L for Mari Casserole 5.0 L

  • Mari Casserole set 5,0 L steamer/simmerpot

  • Mari Casserole set 3,0 L steamer/simmerpot

  • Simmerpot for Mari Casserole 3.0 L

  • Mari Cooker 5,0 L

  • Simmerpot 2.1 L for Mari Cooker 3.0 L, non-stick

  • Mari Casserole 3,0 L w. Steamerpot

  • Steamerpot for Mari Casserole 5,0 L

  • Steamerpot for Mari Casserole 3,0 L

  • Sale!

    Mari Saucepan 1,5 L w. Handle and Steamerpot

  • Mari Casserole 5,0 L w. Steamerpot

  • Sale!

    Simmerpot for Mari Casserole 1.5 L

  • Mari Cooker 5.0/3.4 L, non-stick

  • Simmerpot 3.4 L for Mari casserole 5.0 L, non-stick

  • Mari Cooker 3,0 L, Non-Stick

  • Mari Cooker 3,0 L

  • Simmerpot 2.1 L for the Mari Simmerpot 3.0 L, steel

  • Simmerpot 3.4 L for the Mari Casserole 5.0 L, steel

  • Steamerpot for Mari Casserole 1,5 L

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