Finnish classic – the Muurikka griddle Pan

The Muurikka Story began in the late 1970s with with an idea to expand the diameter of a cauldron in order to increase the frying area available. After further refinement of the idea, the first Muurikka Pan was born, fashioned from the inspection hatch of a steel container. A new word “muurinpohjapannu” or “muurikkapannu” was thus coined for the Finnish vernacular. Muurikka has become the generic name of all outdoor pans in Finland. Muurikka pans of all different sizes are manufactured in Finland since 1976, and tens of thousands are sold to date.

Muurikka Griddle Pans, made of hot-rolled Finnish steel, enable you to prepare any kind of food outdoors, not to mention thin and crispy Muurikka Pancakes, which are the most famous and most beloved Muurikka foods in Finland! Today Muurikka provides durable products designed for outdoor cooking – all from tiny stainless steel campfire kettles to big Tundra Grills, outdoor fireplaces which are made of Finnish steel since 1983.

If Muurikka were a person, he or she would be a person who enjoys the outdoors: practical and slightly weather-worn on the surface perhaps, but tough as nails on the inside. Amidst the utility and principal, however, would lurk a bit of the romantic, longing for some recognition for its daily toil and eager to share in intimate moments that make life worth living. This is why Muurikka products were created – to help turn the everyday into a special celebration. Muurikka invites people to gather together for cooking healthy, versatile food outdoor, and to enjoy unforgettable moments with friends and with Muurikka!

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About us

Opa Muurikka Ltd is a Finnish company, marketing and manufacturing kitchenware and outdoor cooking products.

Opa Ltd was founded in 1926 and is the oldest Scandinavian company specializing in stainless steel kitchenware products. In 2007 two strong Finnish cooking brands Opa and Muurikka – a trendsetter of outdoor cooking in Finland, joined together. Since 2016 also Tundra Grill products are marketed under the Muurikka brand.

Opa Muurikka factory is located in Mikkeli, Finland, and Brand Shops are located in Mikkeli, Heinola and Helsinki. The company employs 30 people and the turnover is ca. 7.5 MEUR. Opa Muurikka Ltd is a Member of Pisla Group Ltd.

Make the most of muurikka outdoor living! Muurikka invites people to enjoy the outdoors, good food, warmth, and each other’s company.

Smoke without fire

Since 1999, the genuine Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven has been recognizable by the stamp ”Genuine Muurikka Product”.

With smoking chips, the high-quality Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven works as a ready-to-use smoking oven, and without smoking chips, it is a versatile grill and outdoor oven throughout the year. You can prepare fish, meat, sausages and vegetables in no time, with or without smoke.

Made in Finland – since 1999

When Outdoor Cooking is a Pleasure

Story of Tundra Grill Outdoor Fireplace begins in Finnish Lapland, where good food and warmth are valued, and steel material is respected. The idea behind the Tundra Grill was to create a fireplace for outdoor cooking and for heating, as well as for bringing a pleasant atmosphere.

Since 1993 Tundra Grill Outdoor fireplaces are made in Finland, which ensures the quality and durability of original Tundra Grill products. Today, Tundra Grill products are marketed under the Muurikka brand, and there is a wide range of compatible Muurikka products available.



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