Arki Cast iron pot 3,8 L red

Product number: 52410100
Legacy product code: TOAR01.40P


Classic red casserole pot with a lid. The simmering and searing properties of a conventional cast iron pan are unparallelled.



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Deliveries are only within Finland (we do not deliver to Åland).


The body of the pot is cast iron, with shiny enamel on the outside and matt enamel on the inside. The matt enamel protects the inner surface from rust and improves the frying properties.  The pot is suitable for all hob types and oven. We recommend plastic or wooden utensils. The cast-iron pans and casserole pot in the Arki range are versatile; they are suited for frying and browning, event at high temperatures. The combination of cast iron and enamel is durable. Always move the pot by lifting – the base of the heavy pot can scratch the hob or table surface. The vessels are hand-washable.


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Colour: red
Material: enamelled cast iron and stainless steel
Volume: 3.8 L
Top diameter: 24 cm
Base diameter: 17 cm

Freight weight: 4.872 kg

  • Before first use, wash the pan with hot water and a small amount of washing-up liquid.
  • Always put the pan on a cooking zone that best matches the footprint of the pan
  • Do not leave the pan empty on a hot cooking zone
  • Do not put a hot pan in cold water – let it cool down first
  • To remove scraps stuck to the pan, first soak the pan in hot water and scrub the stuck scraps after soaking with a dish brush, for example
  • Washing-up liquids are not recommended for washing cast-iron pans, as they remove the fat layer on the pan surface that improves frying properties. You can clean the pan by bringing water to boil in the pan. Cast-iron pans are
  • hand-washable and not dishwasher safe.
  • After washing, dry the pan properly (before storage). You can add a thin layer of fat on the surface of a hot pan before storage.
  • If a cast-iron pan has not been used for a while or the layer of flat has worn off when washed, we recommend seasoning it before taking it back into use. Heat the pan slowly on a cooking zone, and once it is hot, add oil or fat onto the pan surface using kitchen paper, for example.
  • NOTE! Cast-iron pans heat up thoroughly, and the handles can also get hot. Use oven gloves when moving the pan.
  • Heat up cast iron pots and pans gradually, especially on an induction hob. Too rapid a change in temperature may damage the product. We do not recommend using the booster function of induction hobs with the product. The maximum oven temperature for cast iron pots and pans is 250°C.

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