Tundra Grill Notski 80

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Made in Finland, the Notski 80 is a ready-to-use campfire fireplace with grill plates for cooking delicious food using separately available Muurikka accessories.

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The heart of the traditional Tundra Grill is now available as a separate product, with various Muurikka pans fitting its grill plates. Notski 80 is a ready-to-use campfire place that ensures sufficient supply of air to the fire and thereby ease of starting a fire. Made of thick Finnish high-quality steel.

Wood or charcoal can be used for heating. An extensive range of accessories, such as grill grating, broiling board, different Muurikka pans, smoking container and skewer set, is available for the fire pit.


  • Very durable and easy to care for
  • Designed for outdoor use
  • Creates ambience and warmth
  • Working height 45 cm
  • Firepit diameter80 cm
  • Made in Finland
  • Made of thick Finnish high-quality steel

The set includes

  • 1 x fireplace
  • 1 x  turning height-adjustable grill plate 38 cm
  • 1 x coal hook
  • 1 x ashpan
  • 1 x turning grate

Compatible accessories


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Material: steel, painted with heat-resistant paint, material thickness 2.5 mm
Firepit diameter 80 cm
Working height: 45 cm

Freight weight: 40 kg

Tundra Grill Owner’s Manual 80 100 HD (PDF)


Care instructions

Clean the ashes from the fireplace thoroughly after each use. Make sure that the embers have been fully extinguished before cleaning. Also make sure that there is no risk of fire from the dying embers or other combustible material. The easiest way to clean it is to brush the ash through the hole in the middle of the firepit into the ashpan. Emptying the ashpan is easy, e.g. into a metal bucket. Please note that the ashpan may be hot, so use a pot holder to lift the ashpan.

If your fireplace is not used for a long time, you can lightly coat the fireplace with cooking oil. The oil forms an anti-rust layer on the surface.

Fix with touch-up paint

If, despite the maintenance of your Tundra Grill, develops scratches or paint wears off in places, we recommend that you repair the worn paint surface with Tundra Grill Touch-up paint as soon as possible. First clean the area to be repainted thoroughly of soot and grease, and allow to dry. If the worn area has already rusted, thoroughly clean the rust before painting. Treat the clean and dry area with Tundra Grill Touch-up paint according to the instructions on the packaging.

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