High quality for the kitchen since 1926

Opa has brought functionality and high quality to Finnish kitchens for more than 90 years.  Our products are known for their high quality and good usability. It is important to us that the products stand the test of time and are effortless to use and clean. With our cooking equipment, you can make cooking more enjoyable from preparations to the plate.


Mari steel dishes have been made in Finland since the 1970s.

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The handy Arki range includes versatile kitchen utensils for day-to-day cooking.

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The coated Kivi range fascinates with its design, and it is suitable for demanding day-to-day use.

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Versatile coated cast aluminium cooking and baking dish range for day-to-day cooking.

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Kenno and Kenno Steel

Kenno combines good simmering and browning properties with the light weight and non-stick properties of coated pans.

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heavy metal

Carbon steel pans endure hard and long heating. The choice of a demanding chef, made for heavy use.

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Our range includes the high-quality OPA steel pots, saucepans and coated pots and saucepans. The versatile steaming, simmering and layered pots are available in several sizes. The simmering and steaming components are also available separately for our pots. The kitchen is crowned by beautiful steel coffee pots, suited for serving and making coffee, tea and mulled wine on weekdays and festive occasions. Casseroles and oven pans are available in various sizes and materials; cast iron pots, coated casserole and steel oven pans. Our extensive range of frying pans includes coated, cast iron and carbon steel premium pans as well as specialty frying pans for pancakes and blinis, for example. We also provide the kitchen utensils that you need, such as spatulas, ladles, tongs, thermometers, juicer and a lot more!

Steel pots and saucepans

  • Mari Casserole 1,5 L

  • Mari Casserole 2,0 L

  • Mari Casserole 3,0 L

  • Mari Casserole 4,0 L

  • Mari Casserole 5,0 L

  • Mari Casserole 7,0 L

  • Mari Saucepan 1,5 L

  • Mari Saucepan 1,1 L

  • Mari Saucepan 2,0 L

  • Mari Casserole 10,0 L

  • Mari Casserole 1,1 L

  • Mari Saute Pan 26 cm

  • Mari Casserole 15.0 L

Pressure cookers

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    Mari Easy Low Pressure Cooker 4,0 L

Coated frying pans

  • Kivi Frying pan 24 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 26 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 28 cm

  • Kivi Wok pan 28 cm

  • Valu Saute Pan 30 cm

  • Valu Frying Pan 20 cm

Cast iron pans

  • Arki Light Cast Iron Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Arki Cast Iron Frying Pan 24 cm

Carbon steel pans

  • Heavy Metal Black Carbon Steel Pan 26 cm

  • Heavy Metal Black Carbon Steel Pan 28 cm

  • Heavy Metal Carbon Steel Wok Pan 28 cm

  • Heavy Metal Carbon Steel Pan 24 cm

Steel pans

  • Kenno Steel frying pan 28 cm

Pancake and blini pans

  • Arki Pancake Pan

  • Arki Cast Iron Blini Pan 14,5 cm

  • Arki Cast Iron Multifunctional pan

  • Heart Pancake Pan

  • Arki Multifunctional pan red

Oven pots and casseroles

  • Mari oven pan

    Mari Stainless Steel Roasting Tray 39.5×28.8×6 cm

  • Arki Cast Iron Oven Pot 2,5 L, black

  • Arki Cast Iron Oven Pot 2,5 L, red

  • Mari Stainless Steel Roasting Tray 33 x 23 cm

  • Arki Cast iron pot 3,8 L black

  • Arki Cast iron pot 3,8 L red

  • Arki Cast Iron Casserole Dish 28 cm with grill pan

  • Arki Cast Iron Casserole Dish 28 cm with grill pan

Ladles, spatulas and tongs

  • Mari Fish Holder

  • Mari Salad Tongs 24 cm

  • Grater

  • Pizza Cutter

  • Arki Silicone Spoon

  • Arki Silicone Brush

  • Arki Soup Ladle

  • Arki Baking Spatula

  • Arki Spatula stainless steel

  • Arki Grill Tong

  • Arki Kitchen Timer

  • Arki Salad Servers

  • Arki Fish Tweezer

  • Easy Grip Ladle 0,75 dl

  • Easy Grip Ladle 1,5 dl

  • Easy Grip Ladle 2,5 dl

  • Broth ladle 0.75 dl, stem length 21 cm

  • Broth ladle 1.5 dl, stem length 25 cm

  • Broth ladle 2.5 dl, stem length 30 cm

  • Ladle for Salad Dressing 0,4 dl

  • Hole Ladle 11 cm


  • Utility knife

Coffee and water pans

  • Water/coffee kettle 1.5 L

  • Water/coffee kettle 3.0 L

Other kitchen utensils

  • Arki Fondue set

  • Blanching Basket 28 cm for 10 L Mari Casserole

  • Mehu-Liisa Juice Extractor 11,0 L

  • Sale!

    Mehu-Liisa Juice Extractor 11.0 L Factory Second

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