Kenno frying pan combines the excellent frying and simmering properties of cast iron with the non-stick and easy care of coated pans. The coatings used in Kenno frying pans are carefully selected and safe, PFOA-free inner coatings. The honeycomb-like hi-low structure of the pan enables excellent non-stickiness even when frying raw ingredients with a high protein content, such as fish and eggs. The steak gets a beautiful brown frying surface in the pan and is stewed in the oven thanks to the steel handle. The pan is suitable for all types of stoves and ovens.

  • Kenno PRO Casserole 30 cm

  • Kenno Steel frying pan 28 cm

  • Kenno Casserole 24 cm

  • Kenno PRO Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Kenno PRO Frying Pan 32 cm

  • Kenno Steel frying pan 20 cm

  • Kenno PRO Wok pan 30 cm

  • Kenno PRO Sauce Pan 1,0 L

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