Arki Fondue set

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Legacy product code: TOAR01.135


Cast-iron fondue set for 6 persons. Beautiful red enamel on the outside and black matt enamel on the inside.


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  • Fondue set for 6 persons
  • Cast-iron fondue pot, shiny enamel on the outside
  • You can use cleanly burning liquid fuel or alternatively fondue gel in the burner.

Cast-iron fondue set for 6 persons. Comes with a burner for heating the fondue pot. Use denatured alcohol or alternatively fondue gel in the burner.

Traditional fondue is a melted cheese dish eaten by dipping bread into the cheese. You can also use broth or oil for dipping meat and vegetables into in the fondue pot. A matching dessert is melted chocolate with fruit and marshmallows, for example. Preparing fondue is a nice activity with family friends – and so easy that even young children can take part in it.

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Freight weight: 3.28 kg

Use and safety instructions

  1. The Fondue can be used with a cleanly burning liquid fuel or fondue gel.
  2. Never use the Fondue in a microwave oven.
  3. Only use matches for lighting up the liquid fuel or gel.
  4. Always keep the product and its parts out of the reach of children.
  5. Always use the Fondue on an even and stable surface.
  6. Always use a non-flammable base, and never put it directly on a table.
  7. Before lighting up the burner, make sure that the burner is placed steadily on a non-flammable base so that it will not fall over.
  8. Do not use the Fondue set burner with all valve openings fully open. Once you have ignited the burner, close the burners half-way before placing the Fondue pot on the burner. If the flames hit the bottom of the Fondue pot, close the valves so that the flame does not touch the pot bottom.
  9. Do not move or tilt the burner while it is on.
  10. Never leave the Fondue and its burner on unattended.
  11. To avoid the wearing and breaking of the Fondue pot, never leave the flame burning under the pot if the pot is empty or there is under 2.5 of food in it.
  12. To avoid burning food, stir the food frequently. Opa-Muurikka is not liable for stains or damage to the inside of the pot caused by burnt or overcooked food.
  13. The Fondue set heats up during use. Do not touch it with bare hands, use an oven mitt or pot holder to protect yourself from burns.
  14. Put out the flame by fully closing the burner valve openings. Never put out the flame by blowing it out. Never use the burner in the vicinity of an open fire.
  15. Take care not to lose or damage the components of the Fondue set. Component parts are not sold separately.  Opa-Muurikka is not liable for damage caused by using another manufacturer’s components in the Fondue set.

Before use:

Buy cleanly burning liquid fuel or fondue gel suitable for using in the Fondue burner. Check the suitability from the liquid fuel and/or fondue gel supplier. These fuels are sold at hardware stores, supermarkets and department stores, for example. Clean the burner part of the fondue set with warm soap water and dry it carefully before first use.

Burner user instructions:

Before igniting the burner, place the burner on a non-flammable, stable and flat surface. Place the burner in an area with no flammable material nearby. Choose either a cleanly burning liquid fuel, such as spirit, or fondue gel as the fuel for the burner. If the Fondue is getting hotter than desired, you should put out the flame. Follow these instructions to ignite the burner:

Burner parts:

  1. Fuel container A
  2. Fuel container B
  3. Flame adjuster C
  4. Flame extinguisher D

Using the burner with liquid fuel:

  1. Put fuel container B inside fuel container A.
  2. Add liquid fuel to container B. Only add liquid until the container is half-full.
  3. Put Flame adjuster C on part B and set the flame adjuster gaps halfway.
  4. Light up a match and take it carefully onto the burner to ignite it. Do not use a lighter or other igniters.
  5. Adjust the flame to low.
  6. Place the base of the Fondue set onto the burner and carefully place the Fondue pot onto the burner.
  7. To adjust the height of the flame, rotate the Flame adjuster clockwise or anticlockwise.
  8. Put out the burner using flame adjuster D. The flame extinguishes when you put the lid onto the flame adjuster.

Burner user with fondue gel:

  1. Put the gel in fuel container A. (In this case, fuel container B is not needed).
  2. Place part C on part A.
  3. After this, follow steps 4–8 above.


Use and care instructions for cast-iron steel products

The combination of cast-iron and enamel is durable and requires less care than cast-iron alone. Nevertheless, we recommend taking care of an enamelled cast-iron pan in the same way as cast-iron, prolonging the service life of the pan and improving its frying properties.

  • Before first use, wash the pan with hot water and a small amount of washing-up liquid.
  • Always put the pan on a cooking zone that best matches the footprint of the pan
  • Do not overheat the pan or leave the pan empty on a hot cooking zone
  • Do not put a hot pan in cold water – let it cool down first
  • To remove scraps stuck to the pan, first soak the pan in hot water and scrub the stuck scraps after soaking with a dish brush, for example
  • Washing-up liquids are not recommended for washing cast-iron pans, as they remove the fat layer on the pan surface that improves frying properties. You can clean the pan by bringing water to boil in the pan. Cast-iron pans are hand-washable and not dishwasher safe.
  • After washing, dry the pan properly. You can add a thin layer of fat on the surface of a hot pan before storage.
  • If a cast-iron pan has not been used for a while or the layer of flat has worn off when washed, we recommend seasoning it before taking it back into use. Heat the pan slowly on a cooking zone, and once it is hot, add oil or fat onto the pan surface using kitchen paper, for example.
  • NOTE! Cast-iron pans heat up thoroughly, and the handles can also get hot. Use oven gloves when moving the pan.

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