In our selection of brands, we have OPA product line that encompasses high-quality kitchen products for every day cooking. Under the OPA brand there is also the OPA Lumo brand, that has a wide selection of sauna products. Under the wide-ranging Muurikka brand developed for extensive leisure outdoor use, you will find high-quality products for versatile cooking in the backyard, at the cottage, on the balcony and on a trip. The Tundra Grill product family has a large selection of grills and firepits, solely manufactured in Finland, that provide great ambiance outside of your home, cottage or any place where people gather to prepare and enjoy food together. In our brand family, we also have the MEATER, world’s first wireless smart cooking thermometers.

  • Drip tray (foil) for electric grill, 5 pcs.

  • Muurikka Silava Frying Fat with canola oil 110 g

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    Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven PRO 1200 W Black Edition

  • Muurikka Electric Smoking Oven 1200W Black Edition

  • Heating Element for Muurikka Electric Grill 2200W

  • 126 Plastic cover with retaining ring

  • Muurikka Smoking Chips of Alder 2 L

  • Electric Grill heating element

  • Muurikka Frying Spray 250 ml

  • Muurikka Pizza Stone

  • Muurikka Drip Protector Tray for Smokers

  • Muurikka Pizza Spatula

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    MEATER+ Wireless Thermometer

  • Smoker/grill thermometer

  • Sale!

    Arki Kitchen Tweecer

  • Sale!

    Arki Light Cast Iron Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Kivi Glass lid 28 cm

  • Sale!

    Arki Spatula stainless steel

  • Muurikka Grill smoking basket

    Muurikka Grill / Smoking Basket 20×30 cm

  • Broiling board with stand

  • Sale!

    Mari Coffee Kettle 1.5 L Factory Second

  • Sale!

    Arki Eco Cutting Board 27,5×37 cm

  • Muurikka Campfire Pan, Black Carbon Steel

  • Muurikka Spatula 34 cm

  • Sale!

    Arki Spatula

  • Simmerpot 4.7 L for Mari Casserole 5.0 L

  • Mari Casserole set 5,0 L steamer/simmerpot

  • Sale!

    Arki Fondue set

  • Mari Casserole set 3,0 L steamer/simmerpot

  • Muurikka Protective Hood for Summer Kitchen

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    Heavy Metal Carbon Steel Wok Pan 28 cm

  • Simmerpot for Mari Casserole 3.0 L

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