Our kitchen product portfolio is comprised of several ranges. The core of the Mari range, well known among Finns, includes steel pots and saucepans made in Finland. The Mari range also includes coffee/water kettles and kitchen utensils. The extensive Arki range includes diverse cooking and frying vessels, kitchen utensils and knives. The Kivi and Valu ranges include coated cooking and frying vessels. Heavy Metal is a range of carbon steel pans. The Kenno range includes coated cast iron frying pans.

  • Heavy Metal Carbon Steel Wok Pan 28 cm

  • Kivi Glass lid 28 cm

  • Arki Light Cast Iron Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Arki Spatula stainless steel

  • Arki Fondue set

  • Simmerpot 4.7 L for Mari Casserole 5.0 L

  • Heavy Metal Black Carbon Steel Pan 28 cm

  • Mari Casserole set 5,0 L steamer/simmerpot

  • Simmerpot for Mari Casserole 3.0 L

  • Mari Casserole set 3,0 L steamer/simmerpot

  • Arki Cast Iron Blini Pan 14,5 cm

  • Heavy Metal Black Carbon Steel Pan 26 cm

  • Sale!

    Arki stainless steel lid 20 cm with silicone

  • Arki Cast Iron Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Kenno PRO Casserole 30 cm

  • Mari Cooker 5,0 L

  • Simmerpot 2.1 L for Mari Cooker 3.0 L, non-stick

  • Arki Saucepan 1,9 L with lid

  • Sale!

    Opa Kitchen PRO Saucepan 1.5 L

  • Arki Cast Iron Oven Pot 2,5 L, red

  • Heart Pancake Pan

  • Mari Casserole 3,0 L

  • Arki Multifunctional pan red

  • Sale!

    Mari Saucepan 1,5 L w. Handle and Steamerpot

  • Kivi Glass lid 24 cm

  • Arki Cast Iron Oven Pot 2,5 L, black

  • Sale!

    Opa Kitchen PRO Saucepan 2.0 L

  • Arki Cast Iron Multifunctional pan

  • Steamerpot for Mari Casserole 5,0 L

  • Heavy Metal Carbon Steel Pan 24 cm

  • Mari Casserole 3,0 L w. Steamerpot

  • Sale!

    Arki steel lid with silicone edge 24 cm

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