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Mari Easy Pressure Cooker

Thanks to the low pressure created by the Mari Easy Pressure Cooker, food cooks faster than in a traditional pot, shortening the cooking time by up to 50%. A shorter cooking time saves energy and preserves flavours and vitamins.

Thanks to the low pressure of the cooker, it is not necessary to equalise the pressure – you can safely open the lid at any time. Thus, spices or ingredients requiring different cooking times can be added to the cooker at any time. The two-handed lid is easy to open and close with just one hand.

See Hellapoliisi’s delicious meat soup using the Mari Easy Pressure Cooker!

The lid can be opened at any time to add ingredients or spices

Safe and easy to use – no need to equalise the pressure

Cooking time is reduced by up to 50%

Preserves flavours and vitamins

Saves energy

easy to use and safe

The lid can be opened safely at any time

Unlike conventional pressure cookers, you can open the lid of Mari Easy Pressure Cooker at any time during cooking without separate pressure equalisation, so the lid can be opened at any time for adding ingredients requiring different cooking times, spices or simply for tasting the food being cooked.

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