Muurikka Premium Summer Kitchen table with wooden doors, set

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The set includes

  • Muurikka Premium Summer Kitchen table with wooden doors
  • Muurikka Pan 58 cm in protective bag
  • Muurikka PRO Steel D-400 gas burner with short legs
  • Muurikka Premium heat protection plate

Muurikka Premium Summer Kitchen table with wooden doors

  • Build a Summer Kitchen that best suits your needs with accessories and combined modules
  • Additional modules can be combined with the table as needed
  • The cabinet easily fits a gas bottle, trash bin and Muurikka Pans
  • The table has a strong metal frame that is painted black
  • The lid is made of ecological Finnish heat-treated pine
  • The lid can be coated with a colour of choice
  • Shelves can be detached if necessary
  • The sides have openings for a gas pipe
  • The cabinet includes a rail hanger/bar for hanging towels and other items
  • Wooden doors made from heat-treated pine
  • Table width 1000 mm, depth 600 mm and height 730 mm
  • Made in Finland, Key Flag product

Build the summer kitchen of your dreams with Muurikka Summer Kitchen Premium modules! By combining modules of different sizes (width 1000 mm and 500 mm) you can build a set that best suits your needs and allows you to cook with different heat sources. The modules have strong structures and a stylish finish.

The module sets can be combined with all Muurikka Pans and other accessories. The Summer Kitchen Table and Cabinet add more storage space to the yard or terrace and keep all your equipment organised for the next meal. Easy, clean and enjoyable!

Separately available accessories: Wheels make it easy to move an outdoor kitchen easy.  A steel side table will give you more space to cook.

Note! If you install the Summer Kitchen Table or Cabinet made of combustible materials against the wall, when using a gas burner, you need a separately purchased heat protection plate. When using a gas burner, do not push the Summer Kitchen Table or Cabinet against the wall, make sure to leave a 10 cm gap between the wall and the Summer Kitchen Table or Cabinet.

The Summer Kitchen Table and Cabinet are fitted for storing a gas cylinder. When using the gas burner, take the gas cylinder out for safety. Before placing the cylinder back into storage inside the Table or Cabinet, make sure that the cylinder’s valve is closed.

Muurikka PRO Steel Gas burner D-400 with short legs

  • The gas burner is easy to assemble
  • The gas burner stays firmly in place
  • The gas burner has two separate regulators and gas rings
  • Power 11.4 kW
  • Burner inner ring diameter: 21 cm Outer ring diameter: 40 cm Height 19.5 cm

Powerful gas burner with two gas rings and regulators provides even heat in a moment. The D-400 gas burner has a revised fixed wind deflector. The gas burner has two separate regulators and gas rings that can be used separately or together; for example, if you want to put a smaller pan on the burner, you can use the inner ring alone.

Muurikka Pan 58 cm in protective bag

  • Comes with a convenient protective bag in which the pan is easy to carry and store
  • Suitable for open fire, electric grill, on top of the gas burner and other grill models
  • A very long-lasting pan if used with care
  • Comes with use and care instructions
  • The pan can be used for cooking many kinds of foods: vegetables, wok, paella, meat, sausages and pancakes

A classic pan that only gets better over the years. Muurikka Pans are very versatile; you can use them on an open fire, in diverse grills, with a gas burner and a Summer Kitchen. The versatile Muurikka Pan is handy, thanks to its large size. It heats up more in the middle than at the edges, making it possible to cook different ingredients at the same time. This way, you can cook a diverse meal even for a larger group of people! You can cook steaks at the middle and sides at the edges where the heat is not as intense. On a Muurikka Pan, you can cook all kinds of food: meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, and of course pancakes for dessert! The Muurikka Pan can be conveniently stored in the supplied protective bag. Proper care makes Muurikka Pan your lifetime partner. The pan must be seasoned before use. We recommend that you buy Muurikka Silava Frying Fat with the pan.

Freight weight: 57.30989 kg

Muurikka Gas burners D-350 D-400 D-500 (PDF) Premium Summer Kitchen tables (PDF) The PEFC-certified, heat-treated pine used in the Muurikka Premium Summer Kitchen is a beautiful and ecological wood material that retains its beautiful colour and first-class condition for years when handled correctly. For this reason, we recommend doing maintenance on the surface of heat-treated wood parts if the product is in a place that is exposed to weather conditions. Weather conditions refer to things like sunlight, moisture and water. In addition to maintaining the wood’s beautiful colour, surface treatment will also reduce splintering, which happens to wooden materials naturally as time passes. If the kitchen surfaces are not treated, they will eventually become ashen gray due to the effects of UV radiation. The ashen grey colour is also stylish, and it does not directly reduce the heat-treated wood’s resistance to decay. If you want to keep the wood’s brown colour, you should treat the surfaces as soon as you start using the Muurikka Premium Summer Kitchen. We recommend using a UV-resistant, ecological and non-toxic surface treatment product, such as Osmo-Color EcoGarden. You should repeat surface treatment approximately every 2 years to maintain the colour, although the timeframe depends on location and storage conditions. You can also apply a coat of paint to the wood, but this will cover up the wood’s natural colour. Always follow the surface treatment product manufacturer’s instructions. Please note that Muurikka Premium Summer Kitchen surfaces are not intended for use as cutting boards and that they will naturally develop scratches and bumps as they are used. If you want to process ingredients directly on the surface, make sure to use an appropriate surface treatment product. Untreated heat-treated wood does not contain any toxic substances. Please note that regularly cleaning the Summer Kitchen considerably prolongs its lifetime use. Wipe any grease and other food stains from the Summer Kitchen’s surfaces with a damp cloth after use. Also, wipe the surfaces regularly to keep them clean of any pollen, dust and other airborne particles. If necessary, add a small dose of general detergent to the cleaning water. We do not recommend storing the Summer Kitchen in the rain without a protective cover. We also recommend using a protective cover in spaces that already have covering if the product is not used for a long time or if it is placed in winter storage. Muurikka Pan’s Getting started guide and care instructions (PDF) Proper care makes Muurikka Pan your lifetime partner. Even though the Muurikka Pan is made of sturdy iron, it also needs a little care. With these instructions, you can keep your pan in good shape for years and avoid rust. Taking a Muurikka Pan into use Clean the new pan by washing it with a mild cleaner or hot water and season the pan immediately after cleaning as follows: Heat the pan hot on a gas burner, electric grill or campfire and apply a thin and even layer of Muurikka Silava Frying Fat or oil throughout the pan surface. The fat must not trickle thickly onto the pan bottom because, if it goes lumpy, the fat will burn into an uneven mass. Apply a few layers of fat and wait for the fat to be sucked up before use. The fat will darken and dry onto the pan, at least at the centre of the pan. The pan will darken further in use and gain more patina. Cleaning Always clean the pan after use. The best results are achieved by cleaning the pan immediately after use. Pour a little bit of water on the pan, bring it to boil and clean the pan with a spatula and paper towel. Wipe the pan dry and grease the frying surface lightly with cooking oil or salt-free Muurikka Silava Frying Fat. Storage Before long-term storage, clean, dry and grease the pan by heating it with Muurikka Silava Frying Fat (heating will remove moisture from the pan and Silava Frying Fat will prevent rust). Store the pan in a dry place. If your Muurikka Pan is rusty If the pan has been exposed to moisture during storage and is rusty, don’t worry. Scrub the pan with steel wool or grill brush, clean and season it according to the instructions on taking a Muurikka Pan into use. This way, your pan will be good to go again. Old salt tip When your Muurikka Pan is dirty or you want to clean the pan between dishes with different tastes, salt is a good trick. Spread salt generously on the Muurikka Pan and keep a low heat on for a few minutes. The salt will suck up fat, moisture and stains. Once the stains have been sucked up, scrape the salt off with a spatula, for example, pour a little bit of water on the pan and wipe the pan clean. Lastly, remember to dry and grease the pan well. This way, your Muurikka Pan will be as good as new again.

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