Tundra Grill Wind Deflector

Product number: 43001149
Legacy product code: 43001149


Tundra Grill Wind Deflector, fits all Tundra Grill models. Wooden lifting handles. Installed to the side of the Tundra Grill. Material steel.



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The Tundra Grill Wind Deflector reduces embers flying in windy weather and protects the flame or embers. Fits all Tundra Grill models. Installed to the side of the Tundra Grill, easy to fit. The Wind Deflector has slots between which the edge of the Tundra Grill base is placed. If necessary, also several wind deflectors can be fitted to the Tundra Grill.


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Width: 62.5 cm
Height: 30 cm

Freight weight: 1.79 kg

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