Versatile drying rack

With its extendable arms and foldable auxiliary platform, Duster works perfectly as an airing, beating and drying rack.

Duster fits on a modern balcony or terrace. The design, colouring and finish are of designer-product quality. The aesthetic nature of the environment has influenced the design of how and where the rack is mounted. The wall-mounted rack can be folded out of the way of a snowplough or lawnmower.

All of Duster’s parts are made in Finland. Both their dimensional accuracy and the quality of the materials are first-class. Duster is a beautiful and sturdy aluminium product that lasts and does not rust over time.

Ergonomic and space-saving

Duster has an auxiliary platform that folds down and rotating drying arms that can be adjusted to the length of your rugs. This makes it easy and ergonomic to beat rugs and air bedding.

When you don’t use Duster, you can simply fold it out of your way. The arms retract telescopically, and the auxiliary platform can be folded up. It can be placed on the porch, balcony, shelter or other sheltered area, and still not be in the way of cleaning or walking.

Due to its convenient placement, you don’t have to plough the snow to make a separate path to the rug beating rack even in winter.