Excellent frying properties of cast iron and non-stickiness of a non-stick pan

The new Kenno frying pan combines the excellent frying and simmering properties of cast iron with the non-stickiness and ease of care of coated pans.

The Kenno frying pan is completely maintenance-free, so you do not need to season it in the same way as a conventional cast iron frying pan. 


  • Excellent for browning and also for cooking more sensitive ingredients, such as fish and eggs
  • Suitable for all cooker types, including induction and oven
  • The embossed non-stick surface guarantees excellent non-stick properties
  • PFOA-free, high-quality XYLAN coating
  • Easy to care for

Non-stick Hi-low structure

The honeycomb-like hi-low structure of the pan enables excellent non-stick properties even when frying ingredients with a high protein content, such as fish and eggs. Steaks get a beautiful brown frying surface on the pan and simmering in the oven is possible thanks to the steel handle. The pan is  suitable for all cooker types, including induction and oven.

Up to 50% lighter than a conventional cast iron pan

Even though the pan is made of cast iron, it is light to handle – the Kenno frying pan is up to 50% lighter than a conventional cast iron pan. The bottom of the pan is thick, so it stores heat very well.

Thanks to the durable non-stick coating, less fat can be used for cooking, the food does not stick and the pan is very easy to keep clean.

  • Kenno Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Kenno Frying Pan 24 cm

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    Kenno Casserole 24 cm

  • Kenno PRO Casserole 30 cm

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    Kenno frying pan and casserole set

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