Muurikka Firepit cover 60

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  • The Muurikka Firepit cover is compatible with the Muurikka Firepit 60
  • Use the cover to protect the Firepit from rain and debris
  • The cover is made of steel and coated with heat-resistant paint
  • The cover’s diameter is 60.5 cm

The steel cover of Muurikka Firepits work perfectly against rain and debris. When you cover your Firepit with the lid, it will stay in great condition longer and will always be ready for the next time you use it. Size: Ø 60.5 cm, material thickness 1 mm. Coated with heat-resistant paint. Made in Finland.

Note! The cover is not intended to use for extinguishing a fire. Never leave a burning fire or smouldering charcoal unattended.

Freight weight: 2.784 kg

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