A coated frying pan is suited for day-to-day cooking, and thanks to its light weight, it is easy to handle. Due to the non-stick coating, you can use less fat in cooking. The sturdy aluminium body keeps its form and the frying pan heats up evenly. All coatings used in our frying pans are carefully chosen and safe PFOA-free inner coatings. Our range includes large and small coated frying pans, sauté pans (frying pans with higher sides) and specialty frying pans, such as a grill pan. The coated frying pans also include the lightweight cast-iron-body Kenno frying pan with non-stick coating.

  • Kenno Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Kenno Frying Pan 24 cm

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    Kivi Grill Pan **

  • Heart Pancake Pan

  • Valu Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Valu Frying Pan 26 cm

  • Valu Frying Pan 20 cm

  • Valu Wok Pan 28 cm/3,7 L

  • Kivi Frying pan 26 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 28 cm

  • Valu Saute Pan 30 cm

  • Kivi Wok pan 28 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 24 cm

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    Kenno frying pan and casserole set

  • Valu Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 20 cm

  • Arki Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Arki Frying Pan 26 cm

  • Kenno PRO Frying Pan 28 cm

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    Kivi Wok pan 28 cm 
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