Welcome to drop by at our flagship store in Jumbo Shopping Center in Vantaa. The store is located in one of the biggest shopping centers in Helsinki area. Our shop carries the full Opa&Muurikka product range, along with some seasonal limited flagship-only products. Jumbo can be easily reached from all directions by any means of transport. Jumbo provides a large number of free parking spaces. Our store is located on the 1:st floor and it’s open almost everyday of the year.

Opa&Muurikka Jumbo

Jumbo Shopping Center
Vantaanportinkatu 5
01510 Vantaa
Phone: 0207 229 859 (Please note, we are answearing to calls during normal opening hours.)


Mon-Sat 9-21
Sun 11-18

Exceptions to the opening hours 2020:


Check out our favorite products


“My favorite is absolutely Kenno frying pan. Since I´m quite a lazy cook, I really do appreciate the easiness is use and the durability. In this pan I can fry everything without any hesitation. This pan is also very easy to clean and it doesn’t need any maintenance.”



“The Muurikka Griddle Pan is a round-bottomed cooking pan for outdoor cooking over an open fire (although gas can also be used). The Muurikka is loved by many in Scandinavia. One thing I like about the Muurikka is its versatility. You can use it both with a gas burner, electric grills, charcoal, or over the open fire (my preference). So what can you cook with it?Anything really. To fry vegetables, hamburgers, full English breakfast, stir-fry’s and, my favorite real finnish pancakes.”



Jumbo Shopping Center
Vantaanportinkatu 5
01510 Vantaa