The Tundra Grill is made of high-quality materials and endures time and use. Regular maintenance prolongs the service life of the Tundra Grill further and ensures that you will always have the product in top-notch condition for cooking.

After use

After use, always thoroughly clean the firepit of the Tundra Grill from ashes. Make sure that the charcoal has been extinguished before cleaning and that there is no risk of fire from smoldering or other combustible material. The easiest way to clean it is to brush the ash through the hole in the middle of the firepit into the ashpan. Emptying the ashpan is easy, for example, into a metal bucket. Please note that the ashpan may be hot, use a pot holder to lift the ashpan.

If your Tundra Grill is not used for a long time, you can lightly coat the fireplace with cooking oil. The oil forms an anti-rust layer on the surface.

It is also a good idea to clean other surfaces of the Tundra Grill, such as the smoke hood, frying hobs and the foot section. A damp cleaning cloth can be used for cleaning. If there is stuck on dirt on the surfaces, a small drop of detergent can be mixed into the cleaning water.

Fix with touch-up paint

If, despite the maintenance of your Tundra Grill, develops scratches or paint wears off in places, we recommend that you repair the worn paint surface with Tundra Grill Patching paint as soon as possible. First clean the area to be repainted thoroughly of soot and grease, and allow to dry. If the worn area has already rusted, thoroughly clean the rust before painting. Treat the clean and dry area with Thundra Grill Touch-up paint according to the instructions on the packaging.

Touch-up paint is available through our retailers, Opa & Muurikka shops and our web shop.

Spare parts and care

  • Tundra Grill Floor plate 180 cm galvanised

  • Tundra Grill Floor plate 200 cm galvanised

  • Tundra Grill Floor plate 180 cm stainless steel

  • Tundra Grill Floor plate 200 cm stainless steel

  • Tundra Grill Protective cover, all models

  • Tundra Grill Fireplace Bowl replacement base 80cm

  • Tundra Grill Fireplace Bowl Replacement Base 100 cm

  • Tundra Grill Fireplace Bowl Replacement Base BBQ/Apetivo/Horna

  • Muurikka Ash Bucket

  • Sale!

    Tundra Grill Touch-up Paint, black

  • Tundra Grill Arina 80/100/HD

  • Tundra Grill Ashbox 80/100/HD

  • Tundra grill Sausage grill grating 38 cm, stainless steel

  • Tundra Grill grating 25 cm

  • Tundra Grill Wooden Handles basic model 3 pcs

  • Tundra Grill turning plate 250 mm

  • Tundra Grill turning plate 380mm

  • Tundra Grill Pin bag (6 pcs.)

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