Muurikka Feeling creates atmosphere for winter nights

Living fire, there’s something unique and enchanting about it. It is an eye-catcher that creates warmth and a sense of safety around it. People calm down and enjoy lives near it. It gives light during dark seasons and nice warmth when the evening gets colder. As an interior decoration element, living fire is genuine and timeless. Muurikka Feeling campfires make your yard beautiful and comfortable – they create a magnificent atmosphere for day-to-day life and special occasions, year-round.

Decorate your yard with atmosphere

The new Muurikka Feeling series is born from the basic idea of Muurikka. We want people to come together, enjoy being together and life outdoors. Muurikka has been creating experiences and bringing people together since 1976. The products of the Muurikka Feeling series create a wonderful atmosphere for the yard, garden and terrace. The outdoor fire pits add a touch of luxury to daily life, create atmosphere in summer parties and give light to winter evenings.

The fire pit gives heat and light in the yard, in the garden or even on the terrace, all year round. You can burn wood or outdoor candles in the fire pit.

Care and use instructions for Outdoor Fire Pits

This fire pit is intended for outdoor use only and may not be used indoors, in warehouses and/or garages or other enclosed spaces. The fire pit may only be used by adults. Children and animals must be kept at a sufficient safety distance from the fire pit during use. The surfaces of the fire pit become scorching hot during use.

Do not use petrol or other similar chemicals for igniting, as they may ignite the fire too strongly and explosively. We recommend Muurikka Kindlings or Lighter Blocks, for example, for lighting up the fire carefully and safely. Only coal, untreated wood or firewood may be burned in the fire pit. The fire pit is also a good base for garden flares and outdoor candles. Do not use the fire pit for burning litter.

Secure the parts carefully before first use. Make sure that there is non-combustible base under the fire pit, eg such as concrete or stone slabs, sand, gravel, etc. Do not use the fire pit on flammable surfaces, such as dry lawn, or too close to other flammable surfaces or vegetation. Only burn moderate fire and be prepared to extinguish the fire safely and quickly, if necessary. Do not move a hot or burning fire pit, and only use tools intended for the purpose to improve the fire.
After use, empty the fire pit of ash and charcoal when they are completely extinguished and cooled down. Use protective gloves or oven mitts when moving the hot fire pit, or only move the fire pit after it has cooled down completely.

If the paint surface wears over time and use, you can repaint the fire pit with heat-resistant Muurikka Touch-up Paint (available from our webshop, for example). Minor colour changes over time and use are normal and do not affect the use of the product. Maintenance of the fire pit after use extends its service life. Always clean the fire pit thoroughly and store it in a dry place protected from rain. You can apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the surface of the fire pit to protect the steel surface from rust.

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