Installing Tundra Grill chimney sets

The flue pipe included in the chimney set can only be directly used buildings with no heat insulation or suspended ceilings. If you are planning to install a Tundra Grill fireplace in a building that has heat insulation or suspended ceilings, you will need a custom-made fire-insulated flue piping. When building a fire-insulated flue piping, it is advisable to contact the local fire safety authority.

The flue pipe is intended to make sure that the heating chimney routed through the roof is located a safe distance from the roof structures. The flue pipe is taken inside the building through a hole made in the roof from the outside, and it hangs on its support collar on the roof top. The chimney parts are routed through the flue pipe into the building from the outside and attached to the smoke hood of the Tundra Grill.

The required number of chimney extensions depends on the inner height of the building, measured from the roof to the Tundra Grill smoke hood; in accordance with the building regulations, the chimney must be a minimum of 800 mm above the roof top. The draft in the chimney is better if the height of the pipe outside the building well exceeds the minimum requirements. When choosing chimneys of a suitable length, you should note that the connection point shortens the overall length of the pipe by 40 mm.

We recommend that all connections between chimney pipes are secured with self-tapping screws or a heat-resistant adhesive compound. This ensures that the chimney also stays in place in high winds. The rain collar is fitted to the chimney above the flue pipe. The purpose of the rain collar is to prevent rainwater from getting inside the building through the gap between the chimney pipe and flue pipe.

With a damper chimney, you can adjust draft and heat inside the building. The damper must be kept open whenever a fire is lit in the Tundra Grill. When the damper is closed, heat stays inside the building better. The damper can also be used for preventing animals and debris, for example, entering the building through the roof when Tundra Grill is not in use.

This is how you choose the proper chimney length for the Tundra Grill

This is how you choose the proper chimney length for the Tundra Grill (PDF)


Chimneys for buildings with insulation and suspended ceilings

Chimneys for buildings with insulation and suspended ceilings (PDF)


Chimney sets

Chimney set 2 x 1 m

  • Tundra Grill Chimney set 2 x 1 m, black

Chimney set 1.5 m

  • Tundra Grill Chimney set 1.5 m, black

Chimney Extension 1 m

  • Chimney Extension 1 m, black

Chimney Extension 0.5 m

  • Tundra Grill Chimney Extension 0.5 m, black

Chimney with damper 1 m

  • Tundra Grill Chimney with damper 1 m, black

Insulated chimneys and accessories

  • Tundra Grill insulated chimney set 1 m

  • Tundra Grill insulated chimney extension 1 m

  • Tundra Grill additional roof insulation

  • Tundra Grill ceiling cover plate

  • Tundra Grill roof support

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