5 tips for extending the service life of a coated frying pan

The coated, non-stick frying pan is among the most popular cookware in our kitchens. Pans are often used every day, so you should remember a few things with them to avoid the service life of the pan remaining disappointingly short. You can spoil a pan through misuse, even quickly.

Our range includes a lot of coated pans, so we wanted to compile tips for extending the service life of your pan.

1. Heat with moderation

Always heat the coated frying pan with moderation. The coating of a coated pan is always a wear part, no matter which pan – and it does not endure high temperatures or heating when empty. Heating when empty might not ruin the pan immediately, but it will result in a shorter service life of the pan. Especially when using an induction hob, be careful because with induction, an empty pan will be ruined in an instant. The easiest way to heat a coated frying pan is to add some water to it. When the water boils, the pan is ready for use.

2. Choose the right kind of utensils

Always use wooden or plastic utensils with a coated pan. Metal utensils easily cause scratching. Therefore, leave metal utensils only for use with cast iron and steel cookware.

3. Reduce the frying temperature

A coated frying pan is not intended for use at extremely high temperatures.  A coated pan is not the best option for browning steaks, for example – for the best results, choose a cast-iron or steel frying pan. When you need high frying temperatures, forget a coated frying pan and choose a heat-resistant cast iron or steel frying pan.

Tip! Do you feel like food is easily stuck when you use cast iron/steel frying pans? These frying pan love frying fat, so make sure to use enough butter/oil. In addition, let the fried ingredients cook properly; do not turn the food around all the time. Allow the food being fried to form a good sear, this way the food will not stick. Have patience!

4. Wash by hand

Dishwashers might not immediately visibly ruin the frying pan. However, the substances used in a dishwasher will corrode the pan surface over time, which will result in a shorter service life of the pan. The slick coated frying pan is very easy to wash by hand using warm water and a mild washing-up liquid. So prefer washing by hand!

Tip! If food is stuck to the pan and/or you want to make it easier to clean, boil water in it to remove it easily.

5. Store properly

In many cases, frying pans and pots are stacked on top of each other in the cabinet, and the bottoms of pans can scratch the surfaces of coated frying pans. Use, for example, potholders or purpose-made pan and pot covers available for this purpose between pans.

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