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Would it be time to replace your old and worn coated frying pan? Or maybe get a decent browning pan for steaks? Or perhaps a pancake pan  for cooking heart-shaped pancakes? From our wide selection, you are sure to find the perfect frying pan for you! The offer is valid in the web shop and in our shops. See the shop contact details here.


Coated frying pans

A coated frying pan is suited for day-to-day cooking, and thanks to its light weight, it is easy to handle. Due to the non-stick coating, you can use less fat in cooking. The sturdy aluminium body keeps its form and the frying pan heats up evenly. All coatings used in our frying pans are carefully chosen and safe PFOA-free inner coatings. Our range includes large and small coated frying pans, sauté pans (frying pans with higher sides) and specialty frying pans, such as a grill pan. The coated frying pans also include the lightweight cast-iron-body Kenno frying pan with non-stick coating.

  • Valu Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Valu Frying Pan 26 cm

  • Valu Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Arki Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Arki Frying Pan 26 cm

  • Kenno Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 24 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 26 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 28 cm

  • Kivi Wok pan 28 cm

  • Kivi Casserole with glasslid

  • Valu Saute Pan 28 cm 4.0 L

  • Valu Saute Pan 24 cm 2.5 L

  • Valu Saute Pan 30 cm

  • Kivi Frying pan 20 cm

  • Kenno PRO Casserole 30 cm

  • Valu Frying Pan 20 cm

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    SET Kivi wok and frying pan set

Our customers’ favourite

The Kenno frying pan combines the excellent browning and simmering properties of cast iron with the non-stick properties of coated pans

The only coated frying pan that has lasted in our home. Easy to clean and great frying properties. I recommend. -tiina

Carbon steel pans

Carbon steel pans are an excellent alternative to coated frying pans, but like cast iron, they need some care. The non-stick properties of a carbon steel pan improve with use and seasonings. Carbon steel pans do not have a coating that would wear off – a natural non-stick surface of fat and carbon builds up over time. A long-life carbon steel pan is an excellent choice when you want your frying pan to have a long life and outstanding frying and searing properties! The black carbon steel pan does not need to be seasoned right away when it is taken into use, but you should use more fat for frying at first and season the pan whenever necessary.

  • Heavy Metal Black Carbon Steel Pan 26 cm

  • Heavy Metal Black Carbon Steel Pan 28 cm

  • Heavy Metal Carbon Steel Wok Pan 28 cm

  • Heavy Metal Carbon Steel Pan 24 cm


Cast iron pans

A cast iron pan is a true kitchen classic! The simmering and searing properties of a cast iron pan are unparallelled. Our range includes a traditional cast iron pan with an enamelled outer surface, which makes cleaning the pan easier. If you want a lighter version of a cast iron pan, the lightweight Arki cast iron pan is the right choice. The lightweight cast iron pan is up to 50% lighter than a conventional cast iron pan.

  • Arki Light Cast Iron Frying Pan 24 cm

  • Arki Light Cast Iron Frying Pan 26 cm

  • Arki Light Cast Iron Frying Pan 28 cm

  • Arki Cast Iron Frying Pan 24 cm


Steel pans

A frying pan made of stainless steel does not have a coating that would wear off, so this is the right choice for you when you want your frying pan to have a long life and excellent frying and simmering properties. The pan is easy to keep clean – you can wash it in a dishwasher without any concerns. This frying pan loves fat, so you should use butter or oil for frying. Steel pans are suitable for all stove types, including the oven.

  • Kenno Steel frying pan 28 cm

  • Mari Saute Pan 26 cm

  • Kenno Steel frying pan 20 cm

  • Sale!

    Mari Saute Pan 28 cm

  • Sale!

    Kenno Steel frying pan set


Pancake and blini pans

Here, you can find different pancake pans for induction cookers and other coated pancake pans. The smiley pancake pan is our customers’ absolute favourite. Thanks to its non-stick coating, frying pancakes is easy and you will not need to use as much fat.

  • Valu Pancake Pan

  • Smiley Pancake Pan, induction

  • Arki Pancake Pan

  • Heart Pancake Pan

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