OPA&MUURIKKA – Mikkeli factory outlet

A traditional factory outlet that carries varying special discount batches in addition to the standard range. Our selection includes a wide range of high-quality cooking utensils for the kitchen as well as outdoor cooking. You will find everything you need for cooking in the kitchen – steel pots, various types of frying pans, kitchen utensils, coffee pots and other special products. Under the wide-ranging Muurikka brand, which has been developed for extensive leisure outdoor use, you will find high-quality products for versatile cooking on the balcony, in the back garden, at the cottage and on a trip. You will also find a selection of sauna accessories for your home or cottage sauna.

Our skilled personnel will help you in all questions. You can also bring in your old pan or pot to be recycled when buying a new one.

Yrittäjänkatu 21
50130 Mikkeli