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Muurikka pancakes

Lace-edged Muurikka pancakes are a summer classic!

1 l milk
2 eggs
1.5 tsp salt
2 dl barley flour
2.5 dl wheat flour

butter or cooking oil for frying
stuffed to taste with berries, jam, ice cream, whipped cream

Mix the ingredients into a smooth batter. Prepare the batter a couple of hours before frying so that it has time to prove. Heat the Muurikka Pan and grease it with butter or oil. Pour the batter in thin layers from the edge of the pan to the centre. The batter can be smoothed with a spatula. Fry the pancake on both sides. A good pancake is lacy thin, brown and crispy. Add the fillings of your choice on top of the pancake and wrap it in a roll. Enjoy with fresh milk or juice.

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