Tundra grill 90 Apetivo high profile stainless steel 2018

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The Tundra Grill Apetivo combines style with excellent usability – the hobs and grill plates with lifting mechanisms make cooking easy. The stand with a door is equipped with a shelf that can be used as you wish. Made of thick Finnish premium steel!

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The Apetivo models have lifting mechanisms for the cooking and frying hobs that provide superior usability while barbequing, so cooking is convenient. The stand with a door is equipped with a shelf that can be used as you wish. Thanks to the extensive included accessories, you can start grilling and enjoying the warmth right away. A broad range of accessories is available for the Tundra Grills, allowing you to customise your Tundra Grill to match your needs. Please note that when installing it indoors, you will also need a chimney set, not included in the standard delivery. Chimney systems available as accessories guarantee the effectiveness of smoke extraction, as long as the replacement air of the structure is properly taken into account.

• Finnish product made of Finnish steel
• When using an open fire, indoors or outdoors, practise due diligence at the cooking location as well as note the fire safety regulations that are in force at the time
• Thanks to the turning grate in the fireplace, you can use wood or charcoal as fuel
• If you are going to install the Tundra Grill indoors, you will also need a Tundra Grill chimney set

Tundra Grill® Apetivo includes as standard:
• Smoke hood with rain cap
• 2 turning height-adjustable shelves, diameters 25 cm and 38 cm
• 2 shelf lifting mechanisms
• Muurikka Pan 38 cm
• Muurikka Kindlings
• Muurikka Broiling Board with stand
• Sausage grill grating 38 cm
• Ashpan
• Coal hook
• Turning grate


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• Material: steel • Working height: 80 cm • Outer diameter: Ø 108 cm • Firepit diameter: Ø 80/95 cm • Diameter of the turning grill plates 25 cm and 38 cm • Colour of firepit: black • Colour of smoke hood: stainless steel

Freight weight: 85 kg

Tundra Grill Owner’s Manual APETIVO (PDF) This is how you choose the proper chimney length for the Tundra Grill (PDF) How to get good and smoke-free indoor air in your summer kitchen, barbeque hut or gazebo Replacement air is one of the most essential things in smoke removal. New replacement air from the outside must be drawn at least as much as is exhausted with the smoke. With a fire indoors, an air shortage emerges in the hut or gazebo. When there is not enough replacement air, smoke does not exit the chimney because there is no uplift, and the outflow of air slows down. Good and smoke-free indoor air therefore requires a chimney with a diameter of approximately 30 cm and enough air to replace the outflowing air. 1. The best and draft-free way to solve the correct flow of replacement air required by an open fire is to build a tight radially framed floor in the structure, which is left open from under the floorboards. A hole of 25–30 cm is made under the fireplace, from which the airflow rises directly into the grate; this results in a good, steady airflow inwards. When the fire is burned, the flow accelerates and thus a good upward draft is created into the chimney. 2. Another popular, but not so good way to solve the supply of replacement air is to immerse replacement air pipes in the foundations of the building. The pipes should be about 150 mm in diameter and at least 4 should be installed to point in different compass-points. To achieve good airflow and operability, the position of the pipes should be pointed upwards, as much as possible, towards the fireplace. No proper airflow is achieved using horizontal piping. 3. Worst ways to get replacement air are different kinds of holes under doors or in walls. The airflow through them is too strong, easily making the smoke whirl around indoors. During winter, such holes also cause a strong cold draft to the feet.
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