Muurikka Smoking Chunks, set

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Muurikka Smoking Chunks can be used in all kinds of smokers.  The smoking chunks are made from oak barrels that have been used for storing spirits.

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Muurikka Brandy Smoking Chunks are suitable for use in charcoal and gas grills, electric smoking ovens and other smokers. They are made from oak barrels that have been used for storing spirits from Rioja and elsewhere in Spain as well as from France and Portugal. 

The manufacturing process preserves the odour, taste and other important culinary properties. The smoking chunks are excellently suited to smoking all kinds of food: meat, vegetables, fish, pizza and desserts get a delicious smoky aroma.

Instructions for use:

  • Soak the smoking chips in water for approximately 10–20 minutes. Use approximately 2 dl of smoking chips per kg of food smoked.
  • Take the smoking chips out of the water and place them in an aluminium dish, smoking box, bottom of smoker or chip tray.
  • If you are using a charcoal grill: When the coal is glowing, place the dish/box/tray with smoking chips directly onto the coals.
  • If you are using a gas grill: If the grill has a smoking container, put the dish/box/tray there. If there is no smoking container, put the dish in a corner under the grill before lighting up the grill.
  • If you are using a Muurikka smoking oven, spread an even layer of smoking chips onto the chip tray, approximately 2 dl per kg smoked.
  • Once chips start to smoke, put the food to be cooked into the grill/smoker.

Freight weight: 1.008 kg

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