Muurikka Fish processing set

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The Muurikka Fish processing set includes a chopping board made of acacia, fish bone tweezers and fish spike.

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  • The set includes a chopping board made of acacia, fish spike and fish bone tweezers
  • Chopping board dimensions 38 cm x 30 cm and thickness 2 cm
  • Fish bone tweezers length 13.5 cm
  • Fish spike handle length 12 cm and spike length 4 cm

The decent-sized chopping board is a stylish and practical accessory to the kitchen or outdoor kitchen. With stainless steel Muurikka fish bone tweezers,  it is easy to remove bones from fish fillets. The tweezers offer a good grip, thanks to their good design. The premium-quality two-spike fish spike gives a very good grip on fish or fillet. The fish bone tweezers and the fish spike are dishwasher safe.

Freight weight: 1.21 kg

Clean the cutting board with 1/5 diluted vinegar/water solution, let it work for a while and then rinse with hot water and dry carefully. To restore the gloss of the wooden surface, apply a thin layer of olive oil onto the cutting board. Do not wash in a dishwasher.

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