Opa Black Casserole 5,5 L

Product number: 52060050


The high-quality stainless steel products in the Opa Black series have a stylish black exterior. They are suitable for everyday use by demanding chefs and home cooks alike. Thanks to their elegant design, they are also well suited for serving.

The products in this range include a glass lid with a steel edge. The lid has a steam hole that improves the usability of the lid. Thanks to the glass lid, it is easy to check on food without lifting the lid. The energy-efficient three-layer base conducts heat efficiently and evenly. The interior has convenient measuring markings. Volume 5,5 L, top diameter 24 cm, base diameter 23.5 cm.

Cookware is suitable for all types of stoves and ovens. The products are dishwasher safe.

Volume: 5.5 L
Top diameter: 24 cm
Base diameter: 23.5 cm
Material: stainless steel

Freight weight: 0 kg

Do not boil the pot dry; it can damage the bottom. Turn off the cooking zone first and let the pot cool down on the stove before lifting it if it has boiled dry. A damaged or loose hot bottom can cause dangerous situations.


Shining steel surfaces are not fond of coarse brushes, abrasive powder, abrasive sponges or steel wool.

Greyish white spots and stains, limestone deposits
Limestone and other minerals in water can, if they precipitate, form a grey coating or light stains on the bottom that cannot be removed with cleaners. Clean the bottom by soaking vinegar/water mixture (1–2 dl vinegar/1 l water) in the pot overnight. Wash and dry the pot after the treatment.

Small white spots in the bottom of the pot
White specks appear in a pot if salt is added before boiling. They can also be cleaned using diluted vinegar. Salt should not be added before the water is boiling. Do not store salty foods for long periods in the steel pot because salt causes pits in steel.

Colours of the rainbow
Colours of the rainbow on steel are due to sudden temperature changes. The phenomenon is completely harmless and disappears by itself over time. If you wish, you can treat the pot with a vinegar solution.

Food stuck hard
Food getting stuck hard is usually due to overtly high stove heat. Soak the pot or cook a cleaner solution with one tablespoon alkaline cleaning powder and 1 l water in it.

Product availability is indicative, you should check the product balance from the store.

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