Muurikka Summer Kitchen Electric, heat-treated pine

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The electric Muurikka Summer Kitchen is always ready for use, offering unique ease. Cook delicacies for everyone!


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Summer Kitchen ELECTRIC is suited for tidy and versatile cooking! The Summer Kitchen ELECTRIC is always ready for use, offering unique ease. The heat source, Muurikka Electric Grill, is evenly hot in a moment, and with its accurate adjustment, it is suited to all kinds of grilling.  A variety of accessories are available for making your Summer Kitchen suit your own look and needs. With the accessories, you can smoke, grill and even make paella or wok for a larger group!

The wheels of the cart make moving it easier, and the side tables of the cart give more space for cooking. The side tables can be lowered down so that the cart takes less space. The cart also features a lot of storage space for utensils and supplies, such as pans and smokers.

Summer Kitchen ELECTRIC includes:

  • Summer Kitchen cart: Body is steel painted black, foldable side tables ecological Finnish heat-treated pine
  • Electric grill with steel lid, diameter 42 cm/stainless steel.

We recommend that you buy a Summer Kitchen Protective Cover with the Summer Kitchen; the water-repellent cover protects it from moisture and dust. Always store the Summer Kitchen under a canopy protected from rain.

Compatible accessories

Height: 78 cm
Width with the side tables down: 70 cm
Width with the side tables up: 135 cm
Depth: 47 cm

Freight weight: 25.07 kg

Electric Grill instructions for use (PDF)

Summer Kitchen Cart assembly instructions (PDF)

Grill on a gridiron or fry it on a Muurikka Pan. The optional electric grill drip foil is placed on the drip tray under the heating element. The drip foil is easy to remove by lifting the heating element once the grill has cooled down. Replace the drip foil when necessary. The same drip foil can also be used on the grilling gridiron as a casserole when grilling. When grilling greasy or marinated products, you can pour a little water on the drip foil placed on the drip tray so that the dropping fat will not continue to burn. When grilling without a lid, adjust the regulator to maximum setting. Always use a lid when you want to cook fast and evenly. Please note that with a lid, the temperature can rapidly increase to up to 500 degrees at maximum power if the regulator is continuously on or set to the maximum position. Set a suitable power and temperature using the regulator. Lift the hot lid with caution to avoid burns from the hot air, steam or burning fat under the lid.

Clean the gridiron and fat dropped onto the drip tray as necessary immediately after use when the grill has cooled down. Once the grill has cooled down, lift the heating element opposite to the electric box by the triangle-shaped support wire enough to pull the drip tray out of the grill. The heating element box is fixed with a flexible plate that makes it possible to lift the heating element end opposite to the electric box without damaging the heating element.

You can use Muurikka Multi-Cleaner, a grill brush and detergents for cleaning the drip tray and gridirons; you can also wash these parts in a dishwasher. Cleaning is made considerably easier by the optional disposable electric grill drip foil that is placed on the drip tray to collect fat and dropped food. If necessary, also clean the lid and body and slip the drip tray back under the heating element. In long-term use, due to the high temperature, the stainless steel surfaces of the grill can become yellow or blue. This is a property of the steel and does not harm the grill.


The Finnish PEFC-certified heat-treated pine is a beautiful and ecological wood material that retains its beautiful color tone and first-class condition for several years if treated properly. Therefore, we recommend regu-lar surface treatment of the thermal wood components whenever the product is located in conditions exposed to weathering. Examples of weathering conditions include, for example, sunlight, moisture and water. In addition to preserving the beautiful color tone, the surface treatment reduces surface cracking over time, which is characteristic of wood materials, also known as splintering. If the wooden parts of the kitchen are left untreated, the surface will turn slowly to a beautiful grey tone due to the effects of UV rays. The grey tone is also elegant, and it does not directly impair the rot resistance of the thermal wood.

You are advised to carry out the surface treatment as soon as possible if you want to keep the existing brown shade. We recommend the use of a UV-resistant ecological and non-toxic surface treatment agent, such as Osmo-Color EcoGarden. It is a good idea to repeat the treatment regularly to maintain the color tone, approximately every 2 years, depending on the place and conditions where the product is stored. Heat-treated wood can also be treated with a top coating, but in this case the color of the heat-treated wood is covered. In all cases, be sure to follow the instructions of the surface treatment manufacturer.

Regular cleaning of the Summer Kitchen significantly extends its service life. After use, wipe the surfaces of the Summer Kitchen
with a damp cloth from any possible grease and food stains, as well as regularly from, for example, pollen and other airborne dust. If necessary, a small drop of all-purpose cleaner can be added to the water used for cleaning. We do not recommend storing the Summer Kitchen in the rain without a protective hood. We recommend that you also use the hood indoors if the product is not used for a long time and during winter storage.

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