Muurikka Set 78

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  • Revised fixed gas burner wind deflector
  • The gas burner is easy to assemble
  • The gas burner stays firmly in place
  • The gas burner has two separate regulators and gas rings
  • The genuine original Muurikka Pan 78 cm cooks food even for a bigger group
  • The set includes everything you need for outdoor cooking
  • Prepare the pan for first use with Muurikka Silava Frying Fat
  • A wide range of accessories is available, including Muurikka Pans, such as wok and paella pans, and smoking container

The premium Muurikka Set includes everything you need for successful outdoor cooking. The versatile Muurikka Pan is handy, thanks to its large size. It heats up more in the middle than at the edges, making it possible to cook different ingredients at the same time. This way, you can cook a diverse meal even for a larger group of people! You can cook steaks at the middle and sides at the edges where the heat is not as intense. On a Muurikka Pan, you can cook all kinds of food: meat, fish and vegetarian dishes, and of course pancakes for dessert! Includes Muurikka Silava Frying Fat that is easy to dose from the tube. With Muurikka Silava Frying Fat, you can season the pan ready for use and keep the pan in a good condition later as well; it can also be used in cooking. Protect the set from dirt and moisture with the included set protective cover, the cover stays in place with the tightening strap at the lower edge.

Powerful gas burner with two gas rings and regulators provides even heat in a moment. The large D-500 gas burner has a revised fixed wind deflector. Compared to the old model, it is easier to fold. The gas burner has two separate regulators and gas rings that can be used separately or together;  for example, if you want to put a smaller pan on the burner, you can use the inner ring alone. The D-500 gas burner has enough power to heat even bigger pans. A wide range of accessories of Muurikka Pans, such as wok and paella pans, and a smoking container, is available for use with the gas burner. You can add accessories to the set to match your exact needs.

Muurikka 78 Set includes

  • Gas burner D-500 with long legs, 2 gas rings and regulators, 14.1 kW
  • Muurikka Pan 78 cm  (comes with 3 detachable legs)
  • Set protective cover
  • Muurikka Silava Frying Fat

Compatible accessories

The product is CE approved and meets the standards laid out specifically for gas equipment.

Freight weight: 22.087 kg

Muurikka Gas Burners D-350 D-400 D-500 (PDF)

Note! Do not overtighten the threaded gas hose connection. May lead to gasket breakage.

If the separately attached gas hose fastener is overtightened when attaching it to the burner, there is a risk that the gasket ring inside the part will slip out of place and slide inside the valve part of the gas burner. This can cause a gas leak at the connection between the gas hose fastener and the gas burner. We recommend attaching the separate gas hose fastener by twisting by hand to avoid the above. Use soap water to check the gas hose and connections for leaks. Never use fire for testing.

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