Muurikka PRO Damascus Chef’s knife

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The Muurikka PRO Damascus Chef’s knife is made of high-quality VG10 steel. The extremely sharp and durable Damascus knife is made using the traditional method where the metal is repeatedly folded until the surface of the blade shows a beautiful and unique 67-layer moulded Damascus pattern. The handle is made of fibreglass and epoxy-based G10 material, which offers a firm grip on the handle. The material is durable, maintenance-free and also suitable for humid conditions.

The knife is packed in a stylish gift box.

The knife must never be washed in a dishwasher. Instead, the knife should be rinsed with water immediately after use and dried thoroughly. Store the knives in a knife rack or in a place where they are not in contact with other metal objects.

Knife length 32.3 cm, blade length 19 cm, blade width 4.1 mm, blade thickness 2.5 mm. We recommend buying a Muurikka whetstone when buying a knife.

Note! The knife must not be cut or twisted into hard raw materials such as frozen meat or bones, coconut or can lids. There is a danger of pieces of steel falling off.

Damascus steel is a sharp and durable type of steel that was originally developed in the Middle East for making swords and knives. Hard steel makes it easy to work with and allows the metal to be ground extremely sharp.

Knife length: 32.3 cm
Blade length: 19 cm
Blade width: 4.1 mm
Blade thickness: 2.5 mm

Freight weight: 0.25 kg

Our professional knives are well suited to tackle all your culinary preparation needs. The Ultra Premium polished and smooth G10 Glass Fiber resin handle offers superior strength while its sanitary build ensures no dirt or debris collects. This G10 handle is heat, cold and moisture resistant and is constructed with a full tang. The blade is hand sharpened by a 16 degree angle per side making for a sharper, longer lasting blade.
The professional knife is well balanced so you won’t feel dragged down. The knife’s ergonomics help reduce the chance of experiencing aches and fatigue in your hands. The blades edge minimizes the possibility of food sticking to the knife.

Washing and Care Instructions
Stainless steel although stain & rust resistant is not impervious to water. Hand wash only, do not wash in a dishwasher. It is best to hand wash and then wipe the blade clean after each use and ensure no moisture remains. Dishwashers can not only leave behind moisture and particles of food but can also damage the blade with its high pressure jets. Corrosion can occur if stuck on food or moisture is left to sit on the blade overnight. This is a quality investment piece an by taking the proper precautions you will enjoy many years of stress free service. Note! The knife must not be cut or twisted into hard raw materials such as frozen meat or bones, coconut or can lids. There is a danger of pieces of steel falling off. Do not use the knife on hard objects and on surfaces such as granite or glass cutting boards.

Please exercise caution when using your knife. The blade is extremely sharp. Please ensure that you always keep the knife out of reach from children and pets. When possible please store your knife in the included gift box or knife block.

Please remember, that you must re-sharpen the knife blade periodically. If you are using a sharpening stone or round sharpener, please keep the correct blade angle while sharpening. If you feel the knife snagging a bit, the blade just needs a little stropping or honing, not re-sharpening.

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