Tundra Grill grill plate with legs 60 cm

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Steel grill plate for the Tundra Grill. Fits all Tundra Grill firepits, except Tundra Grill City.

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  • Grill plate with legs can be accessorised with all Tundra Grill firepits, except Tundra Grill City
  • Grill food on top of the plate
  • You can easily add wood through the hole in the middle
  • Diameter 60 cm
  • Key Flag product made in Finland

Made of thick steel, the grill plate is an accessory for the Tundra Grill. On top of the frying pan you can grill food and through the hole in the middle you can add wood and improve the fire. Compatible with all Tundra Grill models (except Tundra Grill City). Made in Finland.


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Material: steel

Diameter: 60  cm

Freight weight: 11.175 kg

Wash the grill plate before use. Dry the plate immediately to prevent rusting. After this, immediately heat the grill plate on the firepit and grease the inside of the pan lightly with oil or lard. Seasoning protects the pan against rust and improves its frying properties.

The brownish layer of fat protects the pan from rust and improves its frying properties, and it is normal for the surface of the pan to become speckled after some use.

We do not recommend using washing-up liquids for cleaning the grill plate because they remove the fat layer. Wash the grill plate with hot water after scraping off any food residue. If food residue is stuck to the grill plate, you can soak the plate and/or scrub it with steel wool. If the grill plate becomes rusty, scrub and wash the rust off and repeat the seasoning process.

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