Muurikka Gas hose with low pressure regulator 120 cm

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Safe regulator for household gas equipment, use with e.g. Muurikka Gas burners or other gas grills. The safety valve fits ordinary Finnish gas cylinders. The package contains a 1.2 m hose and the required clamps. Easy to fit and use. Regulator 30 mbar. The safety regulator ensures that no gas comes out of the cylinder if no hose is connected to the regulator or there is no unit behind it.

Safety instructions:
Read the instructions carefully before connecting the regulator to the liquid gas cylinder valve. The regulator is intended for use with propane/butane/mixtures of these gases. Under normal use conditions, we recommend replacing this regulator ten years after the production date to ensure the flawless operation of the system.  Before using the regulator outdoors, it must be placed and protected so that it will not get wet.

Check that the valve gasket is in good condition. The cylinder must not be moved during use. Pay also attention to the local standards and regulations. Liquid gas cylinders must not be replaced in the vicinity of open fire and flames. Use liquid gas cylinders only in a vertical position. Check that the fitted hoses are still in good condition and no more than three years old.

Standard: EN16129: 2013
Attachment: 35mm push-to-connect
Nozzle/outlet: Ø 10 mm
Outlet pressure: 30mbar
Capacity: 1.5 kg/h, applies to butane/propane/their mixtures (liquid gas)
Plastic mixing hose: 120 cm, Ø 10 mm, 20 bar (ISO 3821)
Includes: 2 hose clamps

Freight weight: 0.729 kg

Gas hose with safety regulator Instructions for use (PDF)

  1. Before connecting the regulator to the cylinder valve: Turn the switch OFF. (Flame downwards, switch opposite to hose nozzle.)
  2. Hold onto the regulator with both hands, lift the lock ring and put the regulator onto the cylinder valve.
  3. Press the lock ring down strongly until you hear an audible click.
  4. Make sure that the regulator is properly connected to the valve. Try to lift the regulator up. If the regulator comes off the valve, start the connection all over again.
  5. Using the regulator: Turn the switch ON. (Flame position cis visible, the switch is the same inside the hose nozzle.) Always turn the switch OFF after use.
  6. To remove the regulator from the cylinder valve: Turn the switch OFF, lift the lock ring and remove the regulator.
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