Muurikka Camping Chair

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Comfortable camping chair with a steel frame, folds into a compact bundle. Comes with a handy carrying bag.


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Muurikka Camping Chair

  • Folding camping chair
  • Comes with a storage/carrying bag
  • Seat material polyester
  • Durable steel frame

The folding Muurikka Camping Chair is easy to carry with you in the practical storage bag. The chair folds into a compact bundle and is light to carry. Steel frame, durable and comfortable seat. The sturdy high-quality chair can be used at the cottage, beach, festivals, hiking, camping or boating. Can also be used as a lounge or deck chair in the garden, handy when there is limited space, because it can be moved aside or stored in its own carrying bag after use. Max. weight 100 kg.

Material: polyester and steel

Freight weight: 3.46 kg

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