Muurikka 100 Original Set

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  • Large Muurikka Pan with a fixed wind deflector
  • Working height 70 cm
  • Pan diameter 95 cm
  • Pan volume 35 litres
  • Material of the pan hot-rolled steel, thickness 4 mm
  • Gas burner D-600 with three gas rings and power regulator
  • Gas burner power 21 kW
  • Prepare the pan for first use with Muurikka Silava Frying Fat
  • Protect the set from dirt and moisture with the supplied protective cover

The large Muurikka Pan is perfect for catering for larger groups of people, but it also works well in family use. Versatile pan suits almost all outdoor cooking, for meat, fish, vegetables and pancakes, for example. Includes a Muurikka 100 Original pan with a fixed steel wind deflector, gas burner D-600, protective cover and Muurikka Silava frying fat.

The powerful Muurikka gas burner heats up quickly and its power is easy to adjust. The steel wind deflector of the burner is big enough to keep the flame from going out too easily. The D-600 gas burner has three rings and separate regulator valves, which allows large pans to heat up evenly and quickly.

Muurikka 100 Original Pan
Material: hot-rolled steel
Size: diameter 95 cm
Working height: 70 cm
Volume: 35 L
Weight: 100 Original pan 45 kg/legs 10 kg

Gas Burner D-600
3 burner rings, 3 regulators
Material: enamelled steel
Size: inner ring diameter: 30 cm, middle ring diameter: 40 cm, outer ring diameter: 60 cm
Power: 21  kW

The product is CE approved and meets the standards laid out specifically for gas equipment.

Freight weight: 56 kg

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