Mari Coffee Kettle 1,5 L

Product number: 52050060


The water/coffee kettle is suited for making coffee or tea and boiling water.

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  • Suitable for use as a coffee and water kettle
  • Very good pouring properties, the lid stays in place when pouring
  • Thanks to the curved inner base, the coffee will be free from coffee grounds up to the last drop
  • The steel kettle with a timeless design is suitable for all hob types, including induction
  • Designed and made in Finland, Key Flag product
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • 10-year warranty
  • Volume 1.5 litres, base diameter 13 cm

Mari Coffee Kettle is a classic Opa product that has been in our product range since the 1970s. Opa’s decades of experience in designing kitchenware has been carefully utilised in designing the coffee kettle. This has resulted in a unique Finnish coffee kettle. The beautiful kettle is top-quality work on the whole and, therefore, we have no trouble granting it a 10-year warranty.

A timeless steel coffee pot is a sustainable choice – it will be your long-time friend in the kitchen. In addition to making coffee, the steel pot with its beautiful design can be used as a water kettle, being a stylish alternative to an electric kettle, for example. The wide base of the pot makes it possible to boil water quickly, saving energy.

The curved inner surface forms a step below the spout, thanks to which the coffee will be free from grounds to the last drop. Owing to the shaped spout and handle, the kettle has good and accurate pouring properties and the lid stays in place when pouring.

The kettle can be used on all hob types, including induction. However, see the manual for your hob for the sizes of cookware recommended for use on the hob concerned. Thanks to the large mouth of the kettle, its inside is easy to clean. The kettle can be washed by hand or in a dishwasher.

Volume: 1.5 L
Base diameter: 13 cm

Freight weight: 0.603 kg

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