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The popular Korpi stove has been redesigned and meets the requirements set by the Ecodesign directive that came into force at the beginning of 2022. The aim of the directive is to guide consumers in the direction of more environmentally friendly choices. The directive’s requirements for fireplaces and stoves are to improve their energy efficiency, reduce total energy consumption and reduce emissions and other environmental impacts during the product’s entire life cycle. (Source: Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency, (Tukes))

Korpi Eco stoves are perfectly suited to efficient heating. The efficiency of the Korpi Eco stove is up to 83.5%. In practice, this means that the circulation of hot air produced by the fire has been improved so that the stove releases the generated heat into the room, instead of escaping up the chimney. Thanks to the changes made to the combustion chamber, combustion is cleaner and causes fewer small particle emissions. Cleaner combustion is achieved in part by enhanced and adjustable secondary air supply.

In addition to heating, the Korpi Eco stove can be used to prepare food, boil coffee, potatoes or water thanks to the cast-iron surface with a hob. When placing a stove fan on top of the hob (49900380 STOVE FAN), the heating power improves even more when the fan spreads the heat over a wide area of the room – silently and for free.

Technical data of the Korpi Eco stove:

  • A sturdy, sealed door with heat-resistant ceramic glass
  • Enhanced air regulation at the top and bottom of the hatch, thanks to which the fire burns cleaner and reduces the generation of fire gases
  • Fire control plate, which allows for optimal fire gases circulation
  • Enamelled steel outer shell
  • High-quality cast iron surface with a Ø 20 cm cast iron hob
  • Fireproof bricks in the firebox, thanks to which the structure does not burn through
  • There is a convenient pull-out ashpan under the cast-iron grate, and safety teeth at the front edge of the fire chamber to prevent embers or wood from falling to the floor
  • CE approved
  • External dimensions: W311 x D311 x H878 mm
  • Power: 6.5 kW / 75-125 m3
  • Efficiency: 83.5%
  • Net weight: ~70kg; Gross weight: ~80kg
  • Flue connection: Ø 117/120 mm (inner/outer diameter). We recommend using a T600-compliant flue connection pipe or chimney set.
  • Safety distances to combustible materials: 40 cm from the back and sides of the fireplace, 80 cm from the front and 150 cm from the top. Placement: The stove is placed on a base made of non-combustible material, or the base must be protected with a non-combustible material, such as a suitable steel plate (e.g. 40900020 NONFLAMMABLE FLOOR PROTECTION SHEET).


  • The stove and its packaging materials must be disposed of in accordance with local waste disposal and recycling regulations.
  • Packaging: The manufacturer recommends disposing of the different parts of the packaging as follows: please recycle the steel strip and cardboard, the wooden parts can be burned.
  • Refractory bricks and ceramic panes of glass must be delivered to a local recycling centre.
  • When the product’s life span has come to an end, it must be delivered to a local recycling centre.

Freight weight: 70 kg

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