Muurikka Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI black

Summer Kitchen contest 2021

Buy a Summer Kitchen and win a gift certificate

Get ready for BBQ weather! Buy any Muurikka Summer Kitchen between 1 April and 31 July 2021 and fill in the form to enter a draw for gift certificates! The prizes are a EUR 1,000, EUR 500 or EUR 200 gift certificate to the webshop of your choosing: or Find the rules of the draw here.

Win a gift certificate to a webshop

How to participate


Buy a Muurikka Summer Kitchen between 1 April and 31 July 2021

Find the nearest retailer or order your Muurikka Summer Kitchen at


Fill in your contact information on the draw form

Fill in your contact information and subscribe to our newsletter, if you wish. We will notify the winner in person. Good luck! 



Summer Kitchen content has ended. We want to thank all the participants!

Muurikka Summer Kitchen is a unique concept with which you can cook using the method of your choice

Depending on the source of heat, you can grill, fry, broil, smoke or boil. A Muurikka Summer Kitchen comes in three standard set-ups: Summer Kitchen GAS, Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI and Summer Kitchen ELECTRIC.

Muurikka Summer Kitchen sets

Versatile set for the summer cook

Select electric grill or gas burner as your source of heat. The GAS models come with a redesigned, stylish, black wind deflector for the gas burner. The wooden worktops of the Summer Kitchen cart are made of pine and painted black, and the steel frame is both sturdy and functional. The side tables that fold down offer additional space for your dishes and supplies. The cart comes in black or grey.

  • Muurikka Summer Kitchen Electric, Grey

  • Muurikka Summer Kitchen Electric, Black

  • Muurikka Summer Kitchen GAS, grey

  • Muurikka Summer Kitchen GAS, black

  • Muurikka Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI, black

  • Muurikka Summer Kitchen GAS MAXI, grey

grill, fry, smoke, boil, stir-fry and broil

complete with accessories

Depending on the source of heat, Summer Kitchens come with a diverse selection of accessories for cooking, such as various pans and a smoker. The accessories below are compatible with all the Muurikka Summer Kitchens. See more compatible accessories in the product descriptions of the Summer Kitchens.

  • Muurikka 48 cm Griddle Pan in coverbag

  • Muurikka Protective Hood for Summer Kitchen

  • Muurikka 58 cm Griddle Pan in coverbag

  • Muurikka Cast iron pan with sections

  • Muurikka Smoking Container 42 cm

  • Muurikka Paella Pan 45 cm, cast iron

  • Muurikka Smoking Container round 32 cm

  • Muurikka paella pan 50 cm, steel

  • Muurikka Grill Pan 42 cm

  • Muurikka Wok 50 cm, steel

  • Muurikka Multifunctional Pan 41.5 cm

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